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How long have you been riding for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Less than 6 months

  2. 6 to 12 months

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  3. 13 months to 2 years

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  4. 2 to 3 years

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  5. 3 to 5 years

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  6. 5 to 10 years

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  7. 10 to 20 years

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  8. More than 20 years

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  1. In light of some comments in some threads about NetRider having more crashes than other groups, I also took a look at the bike capacity thread and I personally reckon that there's a pretty high rate of new(ish) riders present on NetRider.

    Now I'm not saying that if you're a new rider that you're going to crash. Not saying that at all, but it is pretty clear historically that your chances of crashing are higher in your first 2 years of riding than afterwards.

    So am wondering if NetRider deserves its derogatory appellation of "NetCrasher" due to experienced riders crashing, or is it more because it's a friendly, open, and easy to access environment that attracts new and/or lesser experienced riders, and so has more than its fair share of crashes?

    As a community the forums are open to all, and certainly with more active participants on rides than many other clubs, and so whenever a crash occurs first there are more people who could crash, and secondly everyone knows about it because it gets posted here, rather than kept silent and private as is quite often what happens with closed membership clubs.

    In any event, I'd like to see what the average riding experience is here, at this exact moment in time. Sure, we may have had such a poll in the past, but given the recent rate of offs, it seems that the membership make-up may have been changing quite rapidly.

    So how long have you been riding for?
  2. Well I said under 6 months because that is how long I have been on the road. I previously rode around the paddock etc... a bit but it really doesnt prepare you for the road.
  3. 8 years entering my ninth
    one crash in my 3rd year
    no injury
    *touches lots of wood*
  4. Hey Stu,

    Yep a couple of months is all. It would also to correlate the length of riding with age of getting L's, as I tend to see a lot of older people [like me] getting thier L's. :oops:

    Insurance premiums would suggest that older riders are less likely to have an off.
  5. riding time

    Round 20 years,natural progression of trail to road.
    3 million stacks in the dirt,
    Hit once by a car in the rear end-by an Ozzy post motorcycle delivery rider in her car in Brunswick st.
    zero my fault on road,touch wood,
    When I started out riding,if such a f,n, fantastic resource as netrider(and the net)existed,would have saved me thousands of $ in getting ripped of by cowboys in the bike game and endless free advice.
    :applause: ound of applause to Vic and Jason for seeing a need,and filling it in such a profession manner. :applause:
  6. 20 years, but only 2 months on the road and licensed. Crashes? Yeap - LOTS! But not on a road bike.

    My first bike was Hodaka 100 Wombat Combat. And then the regular range of DT, CR, CR, XR DR etc etc
  7. I spoke to a NR yesterday about NR's having alot of offs.

    To "me" NR seems to have more younger less experianced riders, with a few good experianced rider thrown in.

    Many "clubs" have public forums, anything goes on it's posted there. Good and bad.
    What exactly is a closed membership club?

    I don't think you can say due to the thread on bike size there are aot of learners (i think there are thou), many can't afford to get a bigger OR don't want a bigger bike.

    Oh and to answer the question 12 months years as a pillion.

  8. And here is a thought, how many of the off's happend in a boy racer zone?
    Reefon, Black Spur etc?
    Take those 2 spots out, and you don't have that many off's at all.
    How many of those in those areas where inexperianced riders?
  9. oooh, 23 years! OMG!!!!

    3 crashes between 16 and 19yo. 1 was very serious and could have left me in a chair. 1 was a slide, which as I was squid, left some neat scars and took little bits out of my foot. The other was just dumb.

    And all 3 were my fault :(
  10. To answer Sen Ney.

    "Closed Membership", typically meaning paid-up membership with private forums or private newsletters.

    Yes, there are more open public clubs with public forums with access to everyone too. There are those that are not as well.

    It was a "reckoning", a "postulation", a "theory", that due to the number of smaller bike capacities that NetRider membership may also be made up of a fair portion of newer riders.

    That's what this thread is for. To figure out whether that theory is true, or not.

    Hope that answers your questions.
  11. Ive only been riding a few months. Sometimes my head gets a little big and I feel ive rode bikes all my life until I get a nice lil rush of adrenaline when not paying 100% attention and that puts me right where i belong- still on a 250 even though I handled the Vulcan damn fine (once we picked it up off the ground and I managed to take it somewhere!) I kinda realised I would be pretty stupid to upgrade anytime soon as the rush i felt from it (shame on me) would probably make me do silly things. oops what was the question again? oh yes so like i said a few months...
  12. Thanks :grin: Cathar, you answered my questions.
    Good luck with your poll, i answered it.
  13. Doesn't matter where the accidents happen. They happen where they do because people ride there, 'cos that's where they enjoy riding.
  14. Just under 6 months...
  15. hard for me to answer, i have only been back on a bike for a 2 months or something like that. I used to ride years ago but i feel like a newbie starting over again so.....i will decline to vote :)
  16. If your poll proves what most people will suspect is that there a lot of road newbs here (like me), it may not automatically mean that its inexperienced newbs causing accidents - it could mean that rides need to be better organised to cater for them (or equally, to exclude them as appropriate)? Maybe it just means netrider folks are out there riding a lot more, so the stats are proportionate and therefore not dissimilar from any other group of riders??

    As Sen Ney says, a lot of the stacks seem to be in the road racer zones, or on the way to :) ...
  17. Perhaps they were out of there league, by riding in those 2 spots?
    There known boy racer zones, by putting yourself there with little experiance you highten the risk "in my eyes".

    (I started to quote the post but you edited it before i could post my response)
  18. There are already ride classifications. The vast majority of rides organised here do come with a category attached by which a reader can assess the ride's level of challenge.

    When I led most of yesterday's ride to Baw Baw, I know that would have changed portions of the route if I knew that there were lesser experienced riders present.

    Could very well be. I personally suspect that it's a mix of both. It's a large, thriving, growing club. Lots of riders equates to proportionally higher numbers of accidents. Large friendly membership also equates to lots of rides being organised, and attracting lesser experienced riders to the fold. All up, I think it's more 1) than 2), coupled a propensity for many to post here even of their offs when on their way to work or when not on organised rides, so that somewhat blows out the "Netrider crash rate" further.

    ...but WHO is crashing in the "road racer zones". Is it the "road racers" (whether self-confessed or labelled as such), or other people?

    Who on this forum would you call a "road racer". Of those "road racers", who have posted that they have crashed of late?
  19. 1974 - 1986 various bikes

    I maintained my licence and my interest as the children and other matters took precedence

    March 2005 I bought the Hornet

    So in the last 32 years of life I've been riding (a lot) for 13 years.
  20. Still, JimmyTheHuman does raise a good point.

    What can be done to better assist new/learner riders?

    Perhaps more importantly, how should someone ask the rider's present as to their level of experience? It's not like everyone comes with a label saying "I have this many years of experience riding challenging twisty roads" on their foreheads. Asking as to someone's level of experience will often come across as haughty and obnoxious, even though the question may be asked with genuine concern.

    It's a communication issue that goes two ways. A ride leader/organiser can't be expected to read people's minds, just as someone who's having difficulty can be expected to honestly understand the depth of what they may be about to get themselves into if they have had very limited experience riding on challenging roads.