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How long has this motersicle thing been a goin' on fer?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mark59, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. So its like this...

    I'm a 52 yo city worker who moved out to the sticks so the family could get some fresh air, space and be able walk to school without being mowed down by some inner city cager.

    So I trade my 20 minute tram for a 90 minute bus/train/tram odyssey. There is only so much fun you can have on your iPhone before you start to see your life fading to black. So my highly intelligent and discerning wifey says buy a scooter to get to the train station and dump the 40 minute 5 km bus trip. Nice one wifey!

    I've never ridden anything with two wheels save my Malvern Star but I'm up for it - I hate that damn bus so much! I learn to ride a Honda Lead the day I get my "L"s at Armstrong's back in Sept 2011. Fast is Good - Slow is Hell! But I got there - just!

    Then my scooter budget is squeezed to around $1500 because apparently the kids need food and milk. Selfish rascals. Trawl, trawl, trawl the interweb thing and spot a 2008 TGB 101R 150cc owned by a nice church going gent of 69 who was down-grading to 4 wheels. Just 1080k on the clock and pretty much showroom. At that price I can drop it as many times as I like and still feel I got value for money! Add another $1200 for all the safety gear and I'm ready to roll.

    So I ride and park at the station and take the train. I do this for 7 days. But you know. Sitting there on the train in my shiny new AlpineStars and RST jeans with all the suits just felt weird. The 8 minute rush of wind and road and bugs bouncing off the visor was soooooo intoxicating. Is this really legal? No pills, no creative cigarettes - just a good clean two wheel high.

    So, I carefully chart a course on well known roads and make the 25 km run to work, and then back home and then back in again. Woo hoo!

    So 3600ks later, I'm still loving it and only have one regret - that I didn't cotton on to this two wheel caper 30 years ago! Still, better late than never and I suppose with a more mature disposition (just) I might just manage to stay safe and continue to enjoy this to a disgraceful old age.

    So I'm now planning my next move. Obviously my Taiwan Golden Bee is not going to last me forever at 250ks per week. I'm still to get my license and then begins the LAMS period. So what to buy next?

    I watched Quadrophenia for the very first time a few weeks ago. Am I a "Mod" or a "Rocker". Well, my bum may be on a scooter but my heart longs for the pipes and pick up of a classic bike in the Bonnie or Commando style. Ducati also play a soulful tune. Not to overlook all the Japanese weapons out there. Just got to figger out the pros and cons of the amazing array of shiny things and go for it. And that's where NetRider will be my very best buddy.

    Looking forward to being a member of the gang!!!


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  2. Good intro - welcome.

    The 150 probably wont maintain your interest forever but pretty much every rider is always thinking about what they would like to own next.

    As something that is going to be used mainly as a commuter though I think there are still some good larger cc scoots that will be able to keep you entertained and able to carry any essential stuff you may need on your journey. If you are like me though the thrill of HP outweighs the practicality of a scoot.

    I was a bit of late starter in the world of two wheels as well at 32. What matters is that you are there now.
  3. Top intro. Welcome!
    The next consideration may be that, considering you are now out in the sticks, if maybe you'd like to do the weekend thing and get out and explore the area and beyond. Maybe hand the Scooter down to the very considerate wifey who put this life changing idea in your head to begin with.
    If you decide to just continue the commute thing alone then maybe another scooter is the go. If, however, you choose to follow your destiny then ....
  4. welcome to NR mark59!! Why dont you try and get down to the prac session on sat morn, have a chin wag with some people, see what bikes they ride, ask all the questiosn you want to and that MAY help you get a first hand in which direction to go, while you're there check out the way things run and if you like, keep coming down and get onto the rides that happen nearly every weekend!! Got nuthin to lose but alot to gain!!
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  6. Very much welcome - a great first post (y)

    Just a little interested in this line:
    I hope you have your Learner license - you do need one - even for a Scoot :D

    But as you say - with the daily commute the next step is something a little bigger (250-500cc) which will provide more stability and comfort but still be conducive to the learner period.

    Well done at biting the bullet and ditching public transport - keep it up through the winter, the rain, the cold and the summer heat beating down and we'll call you a seasoned rider and battle-hardened commuter (some of us are)

  7. Great intro!! Welcome to two wheels, and the prospect of bigger ones.
  8. Are you saying you're riding around with no license? that's probably not a good idea..

    but there is plenty of 250's around that suit your budget/needs.
  9. welcome, stay safe, play fair and most importantly enjoy...
  10. Many thanks for the warm welcome! I think I'm going to like it here!

    Relax guys, I have my Learners and plan to go for my license in the near future. I'll do some pre-test training at HART to beat all the bad habits out of me first. I know there is a lot of finesse needed to really become safe and competent, even on a hair dryer!

    I certainly have not given up on the idea of a scoot as the twist and go go go is very attractive in the heat of battle that is the daily commute. Piaggio has a stable of attractive options such as Aprilia Cube 300, Piaggio X7 and the new Beverley 350. The TGB is a certainly carving a rut in Heidelberg Road each day but it tops out at around 95 and so is limiting my access to any place that requires sustained freeway speeds. I'm sure the Quasar 300 engines in the scoots I've mentioned would open up new vistas for me. And I can always roast a chook in the underseat storage compartment! Can't do that on a Rocker's ride!

    I guess the head says twist-n-go but the heart is curious to see what might be in store with a few gears and a helluva lot 'o torque. You mentioned practice on Saturday? Is this a Netrider try-out event? If so it sounds ideal to get firsthand advice from experienced riders. Most of my bike rider mates take the pi$$ out of me and suggest my upgrade should be a HD Sportster 1200 or something lethal like a 'Busa. If I want 350kph I'll go chase Webber's ride!

    Very happy to hear about low/slow LAMS classics like the W400 or better. Probably not looking at cruisers as I expect 99 percent of my riding will be commuting so mobility and lively response (and just a bit of classic bling) are the priorities. I have three primary school kids so pleasure riding on weekends is just not likely. I guess I have not got forever on a bike so I'm keen not to putter about on a vanilla ride that is merely economical transport. I'd buy a Getz for that (apols to all Hyundai drivers out there, if any).

    Again thanks for the welcome and let's get it on!


  11. hi & welcome! we did pretty much the same thing - ditched the madness of St Kilda for the peace and tranquility of Eltham - and we're loving it! The air just smells different out here, and of course, loving the great riding roads. see you around "the hood"!

  12. Oh yeah baby. Swinging 60s here I come - and the new 2011 has EFI and is said to be no wider than a small scooter and is ideal for filtering (never heard of that of course!). Many thanks for this great tip!
  13. Welcome to the NR & the world of riding, Mark! Awesome first post as well. Riding is the easiest way to get high, you are right about the part.

    In regards to your question re: Saturday morning session at St Kilda - here's the link -


    Also, any bike can be used as a commute. I own a cruiser and have been commuting it (hail, rain & shine) since the day I bought it.

    Come down to St Kilda and say hello to a few like minded people.