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How long has everyone been riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by YamahaWoman, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this has been done before, I'm still fairly new here. I've noticed there are a few people on here who have been riding for many years which is encouraging to someone like me who is looking forward to having a bike sometime in the future. I suppose it helps to see that it's possible to ride for a number of years and still be alive :)

  2. 6yrs on road. 20yrs ridding bikes in total.. i am only 25 now
  3. I've been riding for 15 years. Got my licence when I was 31. Wish I'd done it sooner.

    I thought I'd clarify that. I've been licenced for 15 years. I've been riding dirt/farm bikes on and off since I was 10.
  4. About 5 months now
  5. Coming up on three years now. Been driving for 20 years though.
  6. had my licence for 35 years.

    Rode for 10 years then had a rest for 20.

    Now been back riding for 5 and have learnt the most in the last 5 as I do a training course every year.
  7. 22 years, since I was 8. Mostly dirt bikes and the the odd roader of my friends. I owned a GSX600 for a few years in my 20's but never bothered to get a licence. Never got caught riding without one though. When I hit about 25 I decided I should probably do it all legally, so (legally) on the road, only for about 5 years.

    Will be riding as long as I am physically able...
  8. Over 20 years of road riding, I'd been riding dirt bikes as a kid prior to that. I commute every week day on a motorbike, and I still ride dirt bikes too.

  9. Been riding 3 and a half years, done around 45,000 klms in that time. I just wish I had started sooner.
  10. Around 5 years and rode around 20 bikes but owned 3 bikes, so a new bike every couple of years.
  11. 5 months, yeah wish I had started earlier to.
  12. Coming up to 1 year for me. I'm about to turn 40 and when I got my motorcycle licence I had never even sat on a bike, let alone ridden one. I can't believe I let it go this long, should have done it in my 20's. Let's just say that I'm now making up for lost time.
  13. about 8yrs
  14. almost the same here. I'd never sat on a bike until I was about 34. My missus used to put me on the back of an old VFR750F when we were "courting", I was so her biatch! She's had her licence for about 16yrs now. Mind you she hasn't ridden in about 8yrs and doesn't have a bike, whereas I commute daily on the bike and don't have a car!
  15. 25 Years in all (started when I was 12). Been pillioning before that as well. I've pictures of me sitting on dad's Royal Enfield & Jawa when I was a toddler - does that count?

    7 months here in Australia (with a hiatus of not riding in between) but would still ride when I would head back home every now & then.

    But riding here has been like learning as a newbie. But the glad that the foundation helped.
  16. Only about 30 years.
  17. About 35 years, the first 5 on off road bikes, the rest on mostly road bikes but with a few road/trail bikes along the way (including at the moment).
  18. Yes, that counts:)

    Thanks for all the replies so far everyone :D
  19. 4 years and 40,000 kms.
  20. abuot 4 years now.

    Shame this isn't a poll