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How long has everyone been riding for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. When did you all start riding motorbikes?

    Was it something you grew up with? Or a dream realised later in life?

    I love hearing other bikers answers to this question, so please tell. :)


  2. I started riding motorbikes in 2005, Decided to ride a bike, when i saw one screaming down the road with a L plate in pendle hill, at that time i had no licenses and didn't like the whole Car L rules (with the other driver needing to be in the car), ever since then i've been on two wheels and never got that car license.
  3. 30 years old - yet to properly ride a proper motorbike.

    Always had friends who were into motorbikes for my adult life. Was always curious, but never into it. Friends never used to put pressure on me to get one either.

    Have generally had access to a "fast" car. Became reknowned for owning an R33 GTS25t Skyline, as I picked one up before they became common and popular, so much so that I would be introduced to people who would say "you're the guy with that red Skyline, aren't you?". :oops: I was a big part of the Autospeed (now Performance Forums) community and heavily into cars - I guess my mates just figured I was a lost cause.

    I always thought that if I got myself a motorbike, I'd come to grief on it. My grandfather had a Beemer (I've only recently become aware of the distinction between Bimmer and Beemer) back in my country of origin - and I've always had a fascination with the stories my father and mother would tell about his adventures on it. I guess this contributes to me favouring a touring / street style bike over a sports bike.

    Some people might find this amusing, even a lil pathetic :oops: - but I got interested in motorbikes properly last year after acquiring the game "Tourist Trophy" - which initially I was only interested in because I'm a Gran Turismo nut. I just wanted to compare it to Gran Turismo, but suddenly found myself getting drawn into the motorcycling world - now I desperately want a bike :LOL:

    When I told my best mate about my revelation and the source from which the new found passion had taken root, he simply said "You are forbidden to buy any flight simulator game." :LOL:

    Oh and I guess another contributing factor was my rediscovery of pedal powered bikes (specifically mountain bikes) in 2005. I guess two wheelers are my thing right now. :grin:
  4. first bike - XT500 ridden on property in 1990.
    almost daily riding there, farm stuff ;)

    hitting the road - gpz250 in 1996 in canberra, love them roads :)

    bikes to date -

    oh, and on loan a harley davidson FXDWG Dyna Wide-Glide :eek:
  5. I've had bikes both road and trail around me since I was about 10. My dad rode road bikes, and after the usual 'cars and girls' thing in my teens, I went back to riding road bikes after my dad passed away. I've been riding ever since (12 years). For me it was both a kid's dream and an adult passion :)
  6. I thought I'd been riding about 3-3.5yrs & said the same here before.

    Got my Learner permit out & its exactly 2yrs in 7 days since I first rode a motorbike. \:D/ :rofl:


    Tell ya what tho, I'd still give most guys with same, if not more experience a good
    run for their money. :grin:
  7. oh no, you didnt say that..... :eek:

    out with the tapemeasures :LOL: :p
  8. :LOL: :LOL: Feels alot longer than what its been.
  9. My first bike was a little 50cc big fat wheels( Honda) with 3 gears foward and 3 back to get back to Neutral.... not the peewee but the steel ones..... I was 7years old....

    My secound bike was a cr80, saved all my pocket money and mowed alot of lawns and got it when I was 13....sold it a year later...

    Stopped ridding, then when I was 20, bought my first road bike, RGV250 but had no licence.... write if off in 6months......No insurance,No licence..idiot... :oops: .

    At 21 I bought a road bike cbr250rr, got licence, got insurance...but regreted getting 250 within 4weeks.... 6months later sold it for half what I payed when new....

    Then bought my first REAL bike, CBR900 96' was an animal.....limited edition black with Gold Highlights.......Had it for 8months...

    Sold it due to financial problems...rode into peter stevens(city) said, I dont wanna ride no more and need cash! They wrote out a check for $13,500...
    Paid bills and all other financial requirements and moved on...but for the next 8years I would get flash backs of the good old days....

    started to get into drifting jap cars,

    then in 05' I went for a drive down to industrials(sight seeing :wink: ) ...
    What i saw was a bunch of guys who where on bikes...CBR1000,YZFR1,ETC...All fuel injected animals....Drool.....

    Next day went to Peter Stevens(Cause sold my bike their) and looked at the new CBR1000 05'...made a deal on the spot...came picked it up the next day.... Loved the bike, but was stupid not to do alittle research first, As a new improved model was comming out in 6weeks.... Anyway rode the brand new bike home and started to ride everyday, 3weeks later started to get back into rythem, started to feel comfortable on the blade.. Started to get back on the rear wheel... started to get to cocky and down I went 90klm on the back wheel, in secound.... totalled the whole right side fairing on a mint black/silver 2005' CBR1000, No insurance....D**khead...

    Total cost to fix rightside and all the little bits $3000 and alot of favours from friends(owns panel shop)... by the time it all got fixed the new 2006' was on display... Was told new blade was due in two days...bought every possible magazine article available...Net researched as much as I could...

    Went to Hoppers Crossing Honda(first to have 2006' CBR1000 on floor 4sale). Traded the 05' got the 06' the day it came out.....What a machine....Since then I have done everything that you can to the 06' without going into the engine in proformance mods.its got 170hp@wheels..... I love it and will never sell it....Now when I look back, I don't know what took me so long to get back into bikes, When I ride it just feels right. Does not matter how bad things seem or get! When I am down at an idustrial area on the back wheel, I just feel free..... even when i am doing 55klm in a 60zone(just cruising) I still feel free!! I just wish I had of kept riding in my 20's...that way maybe I would of stayed out of trouble.....Would of been riding instead of doing stupid stuff.....
  10. Heading in to my 2nd year now.
    Im 32 and decided when I was turning 30 that I'd be wanting to do it for the past 10 years. If I didn't do it now then I would probably be saying ive been wanting to do it for the past 20 years when I hit 40.

    So jumped in.

    Didn't have any of my close friends who rode, so it was something I had to do on my own despite a friends assuring me he would do it too (still waiting) .

    Anyway its brought me closer to some other friends I had and has also made me new ones in the process.

    So add that all to the fun I get from just being on the bike and I would say it's one of the best things I've ever done in my life.
  11. Started as a pillion on my dads' Ariel Square Four and BSA Gold Star.
    Got my first bike (Honda CJ250T) at 18 in 1976. :) Been riding ever since. Just got a Yamaha XVS1100. :grin:

    I'll stop riding when I stop enjoying it.
  12. Four years the first time and it was out of necessity, couldn't afford a car.

    And now over four years the second time - now purely for fun and entertainment.
  13. I started in primary school. My grade 3 teacher rode and he was crazy, but cool.
  14. The first road bike that I rode was a Honda C50, but the first one I actually owned was a 1974 K series CB250 which I finally got roadworthy and registered and got my license with (age 20).

    So... road bikes for the last 27 years and trail bikes for the last 35 years.
  15. Intermitantly for 25yrs.

    1982-83 a Yamaha MX80

    1990-91 Yamaha IT250

    2006 Hyosung Comet 250

    2006-2007 Suzuki GSX R600

    2007- :-k :grin: ...something 1000cc
  16. First bike at age 16 and a half (gotta have the half at that age)
    50 and a bit now.

    I ride a lot.
  17. Before coming to this forum I would have thought my situation was unusual, but it seems actually to be reasonably typical. Had trail bikes from my early teens, and my first 'road' vehicle was a DT 100. Got an RZ 250 later. Crashed that and messed myself up but the bike was OK, until my brother went for a ride while I was still in hospital and wrote it off. Got an old RD when I could ride again, and honestly have no idea what happened to that. It must have died in the engine but I just can't recall. Didn't have a bike for a couple of years (this was my early 20s), then got a POS CBX 550 that never really ran... once that finally dragged a trail of my dollars off to the great garage in the sky I had small children and stopped riding in my late 20s. Just got my next bike last year, in my early 40s, and loving it.
  18. Rode a mates bikes for a short while just before i was 20, got gravel rashed from knee to elbow in a low speed lowside, being silly.

    I'm 50 now, had a run in with cancer about 2 years ago. Not supposed to have any repeat performances. Brother was diagnosed 6 months before me and i lost him late last year.

    When things get turned upside down you find your life doesn't quite fit any more so you build a new one. Mid '05 when petrol peaked and i was working in the city, bike came up as a subject. Got my L's in october '05. i've got my HART intermediate course this sunday and i come off restrictions on the 7th.

    Every day that i ride is worth 10 without it. I don't have a death wish, but, i would rather go as a hood ornament than quietly from something that i cannot see.
  19. I started riding dirt bikes when I was 8 in the mid 70's. I got my m/c licence when I was 17 but was restricted to 250's. First road bike was a KR250 2-stroke (man that was a helluva bike to start on). Have been riding ever since except for a 6 year period after an off and my ex-wife wouldn't let me get another bike (hence she's my Ex).

    The crazy thing is I had the 250 licence for 17 years and it wasn't until my 10 year old GPX250 died that I thought my next bike's going to be a bigger one. Had to do the whole test thing again (before Q-Ride). Thankfully I hadn't picked up too many bad habits. When I got my YZF600R I couldn't believe I took so long to get my big bike licence.
  20. I bought my first bike in 1972 or 73 a brand new Yamaha RD 250.I passed my learners [written test only in those days] the day before i got it..
    Have had at least 1 bike in the garage since then & i still get a kick out of riding.
    My present bike is a Triumph 900.
    Bikes i wish i still had include the RD Yamaha,Z1B 900 Kawasaki & the first model Honda 900 Boldor.

    Most reliable bike i ever had was a 1985 Kawasaki KLR 600 ,rode it every working day [100kms round trip] for 16 years & it never missed a beat.