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How long from Warrnambool to Mansfield?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LineNoise, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. I think I'm in trouble.

    I promised to pick a mate up from a hike he's doing between Lake Cobbler and The Bluff on Friday evening. Plan was to sneak out of work in Melbourne 30 mins early, beat the traffic and get up there before dark so I didn't have to tackle the track in the dark (this is in an Impreza not a 4x4, it's got grip but no clearance so you need to watch yourself).

    Anyway...boss today told me I've got to be at a meeting at Warrnambool on Friday and there is no way I can get out of it. :facepalm:

    Is WhereIs right when it says I'm in for a 9 hour drive just to get to Mansfield from Warrnambool? If so I'm boned because there is no way I'll be in a fit state to drive after that many hours. I've never cut through the backroads and I've never been in a hurry along the GOR (well...not in a "must get somewhere" sense anyway :wink: ) nor have I ever taken the short route to Mansfield.

    From my estimates I'm looking at ~25 hours from bed to bed and that's just not going to fly and furthermore the only method of contact he's got is a CDMA phone he's taken for emergancies which a) I'm not sure will have reception and b) I'm almost 100% sure he'll have left off in case he needs the battery life in an emergancy.
  2. Welcome to buggeredsville. Population: you and your mate.

    It might not be 9 hours, but you're certainly in for at least 7 or 8. It's a bawlbusta. You'd take the princess fwy from the 'bool back into town, rather than the GOR, if you were going for a quick trip not a fun one.
  3. Firstly, send him an SMS or call him and leave a message on his message bank. When he turns it on next he'll receive either.

    Secondly, W'Bool to Mansfield is probably 5 to 6 hours if you take the direct route. Don't follow the GOR, etc.

    Best to go from W'bool across the Ballarat, then across to Broadford then across to Alexandra, etc. Trying to map it out using Garmin's Mapsource but not all the roads that should be there are listed.

    Good luck
  4. Mansfield to Bright......

    Mansfield to Whitfield to Albury and then up the hume?????? If this is the direction, probably 7 hours in total (maybe 6)
  5. If the mapsource is right it's around 450 km that you're looking at. Figure on 5-6 hours if you can't stick to the limit all the way.
  6. <expletive>, <expletive>, <expletive>, <expletive>, <EXPLETIVE!>.

    Think I'm going to have to find a chump^H^H^H^H^Hfriend to pick him up. Problem is they pretty much all drive FWDs (forget it, wheelspin ahoy), sports cars (forget it, holed diffs ahoy) or motorbikes (forget it, not much good for carrying two sleeping hikers plus packs). :cry:
  7. ...Skuffy's off into the blue yonder here?
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Sounds like he might be doing WWarrnambool to Mansfield via Darwin....probably only a 2 hour trip for him....when the rest of us aren't slowing him down.
  9. W'bool to Geelong is about 2 hrs if you go via Cobden (less traffic, less towns, less cops). I did that last Friday. Max 1hr to Melbourne from there. After that I'm not too sure
  10. you can do warny to melb in under 3 easily even via the direct route. princes fwy, westgate etc.

    then from melb go your prefered route or through the tunnel to the maroondah hwy and take your choice which way you go http://www.arta.com.au/L8-6.html

    or the other way is ballarat - 2 hours
    cut across to yea
    then mansfield

    id be taking a vicroads regional map though.
  11. I hate my friends.

    I just spent all day weasling my way out of the meeting and succeeded, albeit without pay.

    Anyway, I'm away from my cube for 20mins and come back to a voice mail...

    "We're at the flats, come and grab us tonight" :mad:

    And because the boss has gone home I can't un-get out of the meeting tomorrow and I think I'd be yelled at (more) even if I did.

    So today I've suceeded in:

    - Pissing off my boss. Royally I might add.
    - Stuffing around people flying in from China for the meeting.
    - Losing a days pay.
    - Still getting stuck with ~7 hours of driving after work
    - Getting stuck with the Hyundai as my Mum took the Subaru to go to the dentist
    - Have to drive up the trail by myself because my co-driver can't make it tonight

    Anyone know where I can get a large calibre handgun on short notice? :evil:
  12. Hahahaha bloody hell mate, somebody owes you a beer.
  13. Somebody owes me a brewery.
  14. ooops, I was thinking Wollongong.... Sorry :eek:
  15. Bit late to throw this up now (missed the thread earlier in the week) but as a semi regular traveller to Warrnambool (best speedway in Australia & only 20 days til the Classic) I travel the following route remembering I live in St Albans;
    Warrnambool to Mortlake,
    then the Hamilton Highway to about 5km past Lismore,
    then to Scarsdale on the aptly named Lismore-Scarsdale Rd.
    From Scarsdale to the outskirts of Ballarat on the Glenelg Hwy.
    Turn left at the first roundabout (Wiltshire Lane) and follow this all the way to the old Western Highway, turn right then turn left into Gillies St and follow that to the Western Freeway.

    Follow the freeway to Melbourne.

    Looking at a map it looks longer than via the Princess Highway and to be honest I think it is but you avoid Geelong, Winchelsea, Colac, Camperdown and all the little towns along the way which add heaps of time to the trip, especially Geelong. If they ever build the Geelong bypass I'll have to try it to assess if that way is quicker.

    I can recommend the Cobden Bakery if you go through there to bypass Camperdown :wink:

    If I was then going through to Mansfield I'd turn onto the Ring Rd and follow that around to the Hume and up the new Craigieburn bypass, turn off at Tallarook for the short cut to Yea then onto Mansfield.

    There are no real "shortcuts" across from Ballarat to the Hume & talking to a few mates who live in Ballarat they use the Western, Ring Road & Hume Freeways for their trips to Winton or beyond.

    Helpful hint RE: CDMA phones, I own a Nokia 6225 CDMA phone for situations where I'm in bad GSM coverage & I've found the battery will last for a week if the phone stays in a metro area (in coverage) but once it drops out of coverage in the middle of the bush it goes into high powered mode trying to get a snif of coverage and this kills the battery in less than 10 hours.

    Keep it off on hiking/bush trips and just turn it on at the top of hills to check for messages occasionally to save the battery for when you might really need it.