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How long for Kawasaki Parts on back order?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Kolin, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Hey, so my 2012 ZX6R got hit (when parked) by a Garbage Truck a couple weeks ago (see https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=136416 ) . Still waiting for it to be fixed. I called Peter Stevens today (as two weeks ago he said it would take a couple weeks) and he again said they are waiting on some parts from back order eg. Front rim and a few other things; and advised me it would take a couple more weeks. My question is does anyone know how long it takes for parts on back order to arrive? 2 and a half weeks bikeless has already done my head in, the thought of waiting another couple weeks is truly worrying me! I HATE public transport and can't really afford the outlay on hiring a bike for a couple weeks ($4K inc bond) and then trying to get my money back off the garbo's insurance...

  2. Back orders are one of those things. If parts have to come in from Asia, expect a minimum of four weeks could be six.

    Yes, I can hear some calling BS. Yes, you can order from the States if they have stock and have it in a week. But being a dealer, they will have to follow all company procedures.
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  3. I waited a month for a fairing bolt once, I got an aftermarket one form boltmaster for 30c which did the job while I waited. If I was not fussy on looks I would of kept it
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  4. I need a new oil pump drive shaft. Would take 3 weeks to get it from Japan for the local Kawasaki dealer. I ordered a whole pump assembly second hand from USA (ebay). Should be here before the weekend.
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  5. Thanks guys, I guess I will just have to play the waiting game and hope for the best! Maybe I should cut down on watching bike vids on youtube to spare myself the pain!!
  6. Any other dealers you can try to get parts from? Interstate perhaps? Maybe just one of those things where they have to come from Japan because they don't stock those items local?
  7. You could try asking the dealer if they can get the parts sent express if you pay the freight. Sometimes they hold parts overseas until a regular order is up for despatch.

    If you do that though you need to be given a specific delivery time and it should only be a reasonable extra charge.
  8. Hmm not sure, this all through insurance so I don't think I have any say? My insurance says to call them if it's taking more than a reasonable amount of time... not sure what's reasonable though...
  9. Mind you, I don't have to pay an excess or anything as the company that hit my bikes insurance is just going to pay, so maybe I should try and speed things up with my insurance seeing it won't be any money out of their rich coffers?