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How long for chain lock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mobo, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. How long a chain do you need to secure your bike. I see locks that are 85cm and once you wrap it around something on the bike i'm guessing there's really not much left to secure it to something else. Looking for a chain to use when parking the bike so I guess you don't want a chain that is too long and heavy. Will be using the chain to secure it to a pole in the garage too. Currently have my eye on this KRYPTONITE New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410 - 14mm x 100cm. I have a 92 honda cbr250RR if that helps.

  2. It really depends on how you're going to attach it to the bike and what you're planning on chaining it to and not much on the bike itself. A shorter chain is less weight to carry but you have to park the bike closer to the post etc you're chaining it to, otherwise it needs to be long enough to wrap through both wheels of the bike, or some other arrangement that makes it hard to move. Get a piece of rope and try some different methods to see what length you want, or pick a chain and make your rope the same length so you can get an idea of what you can do with it.
  3. I'm planning on commuting and never done it before. Is there anything at a train station carpark you can even chain it to?. A railing? Is that legal? What length chains do you guys carry
  4. if someone really wants to take your bike then all you can do is make it harder for them than it would be to take the next bike along. I've never bothered with chaining to anything - the most I do is run a chain through the rear wheel and maybe over the seat depending on the specific bike and geometry
  5. I see. I just ordered a disc lock does that achieve the same purpose? Or is the purpose of chain to prevent them removing the wheel from the bike?
  6. personally - I've tried to drive off before with a disc lock fitted! The chain is a visible reminder to me as much as anything else.
  7. Yeah I got the motorader with a motion alarm. I know I'll be the sort to forget it's on there. Hopefully the alarm triggers before I've done too much damage
  8. When you put the disk lock on, put it right up near the brake caliper. That way you never get enough momentum up to actually damage anything before you stop suddenly. Also, a piece of string from the disk lock to the throttle grip does wonders.
  9. Yeah I think it comes with a reminder cord. I was thinking of leaving my helmet with my bike. Will any cheap bike lock be ok since there isn't really a market for second hand helmets? or is there? Might buy a cheap helmet from aldi for commuting just in case. Don't want my arai vector 2 to get damaged.
  10. Now that I would not do. I never leave my helmet behind.
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  11. Yeah I got this image of some clown putting chewing gum on the inside since I can't secure the visor :p. Might see if I can fit it into my backpack. Gonna be a real pain to carry in hand on the train
  12. Chewing gum is the LEAST offensive thing I can imagine being left in there.
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  13. I have disc lock for the front of the bike and chain the rear to a metal beam where my bike is parked in my apartment garage( yes im paranoid AF ). The length you'll need will depend on WHAT exactly you'll be chaining the bike to :) good luck OP
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  14. General rule for chain locks is to buy the longest you can get. Abus (used to?) do a 1.2m jobbie which I've found adequate for most purposes. Use it on the back wheel rather than the front 'cos the back is usually harder for a thief to remove, although the difference, if they're that determined, is marginal. Just don't carry it slung over your shoulder. We've all done it (well, a lot of us of a certain age anyway) but it's really not a good idea.

    Unless you use the chain to actually attach your bike to something, a decent disc lock will immobilise the bike just as well. The tips for not forgetting/mitigating the consequences of forgetting are good.

    Personally I dislike leaving my helmet with the bike, particularly long term. For short periods a chain lock through the face aperture of a full-face is about as secure as you'll get.

    Best anti-theft device is to park next to something shinier and more desirable. Selfish I know, but the reality is that any anti-theft gear is just an attempt to make them steal someone else's bike rather than yours.
  15. If you're concerned they'll just take off the wheels, put the chain through the swingarm between the pivot and the engine case, around the exhaust headers, or even the engine block itself. There's options if you look for them.
  16. Don't pay more for securing your bike than it's worth. You might come back to it one day to find the bike there, but your expensive security missing. Get theft insurance.
  17. A bike is more than its monetary value. Insurance won't get you home when your bike disappears at the arse end of the universe after the last bus has left, for example.
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  18. True my bike is worth 3k. Just bought a $50 disc lock. Might make do with a $100 chain rather than a $200 one.
  19. oh for those interested I found this site helpful. But as a complete noob I wouldn't know if what he's saying is actually right :D. He makes a good argument though.
    Motorcycle Security Tips