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how long for a bike service ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by tinkerbike, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. recently it took 7 weeks to get my bike fixed at newcastle kawasaki and $1500.

    but alas my headlight still not a goer...

    took it to another bike place in newy( couldnt wait weeks again) and a day later it worked, all good $150.

    2 weeks later it wont start.

    what now???

  2. More info needed. It's unlikely to be headlight related. What actually does happen when you try to start the bike? :?:
  3. yeah with $1500 was for a major service,fork reseal,headlight fix
    although the light worked for 2 days, still not a fix
  4. :? Are you saying the bike won't go or the light? If it's the bike, does it turn over? Is the starter motor doing anything? Does it start to fire but then die off? Do you have petrol in the tank and the tap turned on?
  5. 1500 clams seems very expensive for a service on a Japanese bike...
  6. Makes us Ducati owners go smug all over really :LOL:

    Good luck getting it sorted out though