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How long does new batter take to charge?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Paulie, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Hey All!

    Please repond!

    I went and bought a new battery this morning and have had it on charge for 4 hours now!.... is that long enough???

    I'm dying to go for a ride its been 2 weeks!
  2. You should get a motorcycle battery charger..it tells you when its done. :grin:
  3. Yeah I borrowed my neighbours battery charger... You think 4 hours is sufficient >? I dont wanna buggerize the battery but yeah
  4. it depends on the charger, if it's a half decent sized one you could give it a try now, most home chargers would recommend around 8 hours for a bike battery i believe.

    ...if you're really skilled and cool like me :p you could start it with a dead battery, put the bike in first gear, push the bike fast (holding the clutch in otherwise the wheels won't turn) while running beside it then when you have some speed up let go of the clutch hit the starter button and give it some revs, you then have to very quickly pull the clutch in again before the bike rides off into the distance with you left behind! i've done it on my 750, it made for an interesting spectacle! :grin:
  5. Its an ARLEC CHARGER 4

    high and low setting

    6 volts or 12 volts.

    I have it on 12 and high
  6. There should be a tag on the battery telling you how long to charge it for. Anyway its been on long enough to go for a ride. :)
  7. Yeah $96 for the battery and it didn;t come with any instructions/info at all!

    Its an Apollo
  8. If you want the battery to last for a while, you should put your charger on low and leave it on overnight. You could fit it to the bike now and go riding, but when you get home, put it back on the charger until brekkie time. The initial charge is the one that determines battery longevity.
  9. ummm it may just but me but i have to ask why are you charging a new battery??? doesn't make sense

  10. that does not tell me why this guy is chargiong a new battery which he stated that he bought, automotive batteries come charged????? :-s
  11. Yeah I put it up for the OP's info. The only thing I can think of is that car batteries are regularly swapped by the wholesaler. Maybe bike batteries are not and need a "tickle" I've never had to buy one (so far).

    I think I would have stick it in the bike and gone for a ride anyway. :)
  12. and then asked for a refund if a new battery wouldnt crank the bike over

    maybe he/she has an underlying problem they havent thought to check if they have hooked up a new battery and it hasnt started
  13. Batteries dont come charged. They are supplied to retailers in a condition known as " dry charged". The retailer then adds SULPHURIC ACID which turns the battery into "wet charged'. The very best thing to do then is to put the thing on a charger, set to low, overnight. This gives the battery the very best start in life.