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How long does it takes you to commute from Brighton-Le-Sands to CBD on a normal day?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by B1K3R, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I should be relocating to Brighton-Le-Sands in Sydney and I'm wondering how long, roughly, would it take you to commute to CBD on a normal day...

    In Melbourne, it used to take me around 25 mins from Avondale Heights on a GSXR 750.

    I currently drive to work on a Hornet 600. This will have to go when I move and will buy another bike. What do you guys suggest for a bike to commute everyday?


  2. shouldnt take u more than 20 minutes on a bike if u split/filter traffic, the traffic gets pretty bad in peak hour

    buy whatever suits u mate thats good on fuel
  3. i would have said its closer to 30 mins but as goz says depends on when you go. I say 30 mins as that what i think it would be around peak hour

    hornet 600 would be fine for the commute
  4. Thanks guys! That's excellent...20-30 mins is perfect to drive to work!

    I know that in Sydney parking is not like Melbourne where you can just park on the wide pavements :)- But I guess I'll be able to find a safe spot somewhere :) Maybe I'll get lucky and hopefully some companies in CBD would have underground parking...

  5. you can park in any street parking zones in the city for free, just be careful of time limits, if its 2 hours, go check if theres any chalk on your tyre in 2 hours :)
  6. Thanks buddy!

  7. Make sure you make your way to here on a Tuesday night after you arrive.

    Welcome to Sydney!
  8. Excellent! Thanks! Hopefully they won't take long to give me the visa :)

  9. should only take you 30 minutes if you pretend you're a car while you're riding. 20 would be about right, 15 should be doable in some circumstances.
  10. That would totally break my rules... ](*,)

    Have been driving to work on a bike for the last 17 years, I pitty those car drivers every morning :grin:

    Thanks mate :)
  11. mate there are designated all day parking spots in the CBD for motorcycles. Check out this website link, this will give you all the spots you can park for free all day (no time limits)

  12. That's very helpful! Thanks mate :)

  13. yeh pretty good estimates here. Once you get past the airport tunnel it gets alot quicker because the lanes widen up and there's a cycling shoulder that I have seen bicycles on once in the 4 odd years i've traversed that route. Cyclists don't take that route because they don't want to go through the airport tunnel so the spot is essentially desolate of traffic.
  14. .... and stick with the GSXR!
  15. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Well, I really loved the GSXR and to be honest I miss it too!

    I remember a few years back drove from west Melbourne to Philip island with wife at the back. Hehe poor thing was nagging all the time due to back pains and when we arrived home she could not move! :p

    Sooo, if I"ll get a GSXR then I'll have to buy one for her too ;)

  16. Hi mates,

    Ok, maybe there will be a slight turn in the plan! Same question as the title, but this time from the Hills District! Let's say Baulkham Hills....

    I know, it's on the opposite side of Sydney...but after more research, it seems that they have good schools too for my little girl, I can rent a 3 bed house for the same price of a unit in Brighton and maybe quieter. Dunno, seems more like me there...

    So, does anyone commute from up there with a bike to CBD? I heard access to city from north is very bad, but maybe if you're a biker it does't make much of a difference, isn't it?

    Thanks for your feedback!

  17. will take you ages.

    Not trying to turn you back to brighton, but there is the occasional good school in St George area, and if she is bright, an excellent high school as well.

    But really if you want good schools and a pretty awesome community feeling, you can't go much wrong in the sutherland shire.
  18. Hmmmm, didn't know it was that bad. More than 45 mins? I like Sutherland shire too. As far as I know, to rent a 3 bed house for around $450/500 a week, one needs to go further south in Sutherland. Wouldn't that be the same distance like the Hills then? Or maybe its the road network which makes the difference?

  19. Mate a commute from Baulkham Hills to the CBD is at least a good 45minutes. That would be leaving pretty early & arriving in Sydney CBD 7:30 to 7:45. Anything later & you will be at least 60 minutes. With the number of mobile & fixed speed cameras in Sydney you won't be speeding.I commute from the inner western suburbs to CBD every day & time can vary dramatically. As for the city parking, the Sydney Council have opened up quite a bit of free parking in the last couple of years to cater for the growing number of people who commute on a bike or scooter. Trouble is, that if you want to get a freebie, you really need to be in town before 8:00. As for commute bikes, you will need something that is light, manouverable, narrow & narrow handelbars. My current commute is a VTR Firestorm & it does the job well.8-[
  20. Good luck with your building management letting you use the space...I know in our building you would have to pay for a car spot. :roll: