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how long does it take you to Clean your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fitryder, May 13, 2007.

  1. So the other day i was talking to a friend and he told me it took him 3-4hours per bike (he has two cbr600's) and i thought that was just stupid.

    But yesterday was the first real day i cleaned my bike. All the little bits on the rims and fairings and everything.

    Giving it a wax and all that stuff.

    And so ya, it took me almost 3hours!

    Dont get me wrong, time flies when your having fun! and cleaning my cibby (250rr) was time well spent with music on in the background, esp after the big night i had before. It was great seeing the end result to.

    Now, i have never or would i ever spend that long on a car yet somehow i do on a bike.

    So is this just wired? How long does it take you peeps to give your ride a good clean?
  2. I'd say about 10mins max, down at the local car spa. Take for a short spin to relube the chain ( scottoiler ) and jobs done :cool: :p
  3. Cleaning my bike can take a weekend if I want it to (and often I do) but usually 4hrs give or take should see it looking acceptable. :)

    New bike doesn't seem to take as long as past bikes though cause I don't have all that chrome to polish. I can get the new bike looking sprectacular in under 3. :)
  4. Gawd! I've got chrome everywhere and 1-2 hours tops is all it gets! My old show bikes were no different either. I tend to give it a 2 min rinse over at the local carwash and then ride home (900m) then wipe down and polish etc.

    Having said that, if you keep the cleaning up to a bike and be thorough, it usually takes less time when you have less time next go around - you also have a chance to pick up any little (or big) things wrong when giving it the once-over.
  5. It gets cleaned when it rains.
  6. Murphy's Law clearly dictates the day I clean my bike will be the same day it rains, hails and I drop it... off a cliff.

    I get a rag and some Mr Sheen to cleanthe bugs off the front every so often :)
  7. for general cleaning i use mr sheen/windex and a rag... Once a month (or two) i'll take time (around 3 - 4 hours) to do it properly... damn naked bikes
  8. Ya Mr Sheen is what i use to start with then i use some other dry wash and wax stuff to finish it off and polish it a bit, works a treat.

    Took me so long because i didnt clean the rims in ages and they were black (meant to be red!)
  9. Once a week I give it a quick wet rag clean. If I'm out in the country I use the window cleaner on front of bike to get the bugs off.

    Decent cleans, every few weeks are 1-2 hours max.
  10. I just cleaned mine today - a wash and then a wax and it took under an hour. And thats with cleaning all the little fiddly bits with a toothbrush too. 3-4 hours? WTF?

  11. Pretty much the same with me! And I only have one arm that I can use! I think I actually take about 15 minutes, pretty good given I only have 1 out of 2 arms to use :grin:
  12. There is a noticeable improvement in polishing for 3hrs rather than 1. Some of us are a little OCD when it comes to bike cleaning but it makes us happy. :)
  13. I cleaned mine late this afternoon, just as the weather started to change... took about 20 minutes I guess. Admittedly I didn't do anything special for it. Quite enjoyable! :)
  14. As most of you know i am fussy as, so after every ride they get cleaned.
    Takes me about 30 min to do the 14, and a bit extra on the Boulevard because of the chrome. I alway recommend to people to do this, rather than the 3-4 hours it takes if you leave it for too long.
  15. Hour, hour n a half tops. But have not really cleaned it since the off (cause I have not got it painted yet) I only clean the front at the moment cause it is the only unscratched part :p
  16. about an hour or so... it really really needs a wash atm, but i haven't had time (i'd rather spend that time making sure the chain and sprockets are nice and cleaned and lub'ed ;))
  17. LOL Blue14 - you're a freak when it comes to cleaning your bikes, but at least they always look immaculate!!! :wink:

    I try and wash mine every few weeks and spend around 1-3 hours.
    The past few months ive been a little slack and the grime on the rear wheel has caked on and its really bothering me :shock:
    I like to look after my babies :grin:
  18. Well at least you notice MDJ.
    Thanks for your kind words.. :LOL: Now clean that bike of yours.. :p
  19. takes 15 mins for wash and dry and then another 30mins for waxing.
  20. I've never cleaned my bike :oops: