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How long does it take to get a ticket in the mail?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bogus69, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. So I got pulled over yesterday. It seems that somehow my number plate became obscured.

    My details were taken and I was told to expect a ticket in the mail.
    In your experience how long does it take to arrive?
    How long before I can be relieved that the cop found a more deserving recipient?
  2. Generally a week or two depending on how busy the bloke/blokette is. Statute of limitation is twelve months, so if you haven't got it within a year, you probably won't be getting it! :grin:
  3. whats with all these people copping 20 year old fines then?

    I rekon its either more than 2 months or i'm lucky and he's not processed it :)
  4. Once the fine has been issued and you don't pay, or it's sent to your old address because you haven't told VicRoads that you have moved there is no statute of limitations. A warrant will be issued and if you get picked up 30 years later, the fine (and costs) will still be waiting for you.

    I think now they can suspend your licence and rego if you don't pay, so if you get picked up after ignoring a fine you'll be in a bit of strife...

    I've once heard of a middle aged woman with kids in the car getting arrested because there was a 20 yr old warrant out for her...
  5. On this topic, what about fines from camera's, its been 5 weeks since my flash and nothing !!

    Do they just have my photo pinned up for a laugh in the office somewhere ? or am I off the hook ??
  6. 12 months is a long time.

    What if I'm no longer in the country (and havent told vicroads) I'd hate to get done when If I come back to Aus.

    Oh well, wait and see I guess.
  7. They might not let you back in at the airport, you criminal! Hahaha... :)
  8. Cameras you will generally get within 2-3 weeks.
  9. Never mind all that... what do you mean "...somehow became obscured"?
    C'mon, spill the beans. Confess to us and you'll better. :LOL:
  10. Doesn't your rego label occasionally get blown up over the plate without you noticing? No big deal because the label has your rego on it in really big letters... :) Still costs three points though....
  11. Well sometimes when I take the cover off my bike the rego catches and swings up over the plate. sometimes I notice it b4 I ride off, sometimes I don't.

    Being someone who never rides above the posted limit I wouldn't have a reason to intentionally cover my plate. Not until they start charging us tolls anyway. ;)

    Actually Titus it was on Brunswick Rd that I got pulled over. just by the bus stop. I reckon you had something to do with this..... LOL
  12. @Bart.

    3 points!?! Faarrrk.
    Thats steep. 1 I could understand, but 3?
  13. What, me on the commish? Never! :p
    Actually, I've been wondering exactly how dirty I can let my plate get before the same thing happens to me. I figure I can argue that since it remains the property of Vicroads, it's their responsibility to come around and clean it!
  14. In Victoria the sheriff can actually seize your vehicle, there are moves to allow them to use wheel clamps also.
  15. $110 dollar fine and no dem,erit points lost.
    thats the last time I paid a fine for obscured number plate in the cage when i had a towball that supposedly was obscuring the plate.
    when asked why the towball was there I replied "for towing stuff"
    sometimes I wonder at the intelligence of the constabulary.
  16. How long ago was that, Smee?
    I was pretty sure the fine and points (3) were increased a little while ago, maybe a couple of years? (but I might be wrong).
  17. mmph if its anything like bills then its twice the speed of cheques.
  18. Camera fines can take months, It depends when they choose to change the film you may even be lucky and not get a fine for they may have been no film egiste for they still flash even when they have no film left.
  19. The fine was approximately 4 years ago when i got the obscured plate.
    Things may have changed since then.
  20. You're thinking of red light cameras gowron... the actual 'camera' in the red light ones (excluding the brand new ones) gets rotated to various sites. Speed cameras on the other hand are active all the time and digitally record.