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How long does it take receive an Insurance Claim?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by TRX 850, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. People often say one will not know how good an insurance company is until when you make a genuine claim.

    Well, I’ve made my very first bike claim in very early April 2007. 2 weeks have gone and as I haven’t heard from them, I rang QBE to find out the progress and was eventually put through to a friendly assessor and he did his assessment within 2 days, so far so good.

    Afterwards, they then wanted proof of ownership, which I immediately supplied it to them.

    I assumed that it will now be a speedy process but as I haven’t heard from them, I rang them today. He informed me that as they only have 2 staff which I politely asked him when it would be likely that it can be processed, a week? He wouldn’t commit an estimation time frame and only said that he will process it whenever he can and judging by the tone of his voice, I would say at least another week or 2 or 3.

    Not criticising QBE or their staff as I’m itching to ride.

    Is this normal time frame when you guy/gals make a claim?

  2. Its a big ask to put a generic timeframe on a claim. There are so many different types. A write off, with everything in order can be processed within a week. Approvals for repairs - same deal and then however long to get it back. On receipt of the assessor's report, its usually a week with all things 'normal' (ie no suspicion of fraud, other insurers play ball and provide the information enabling your insurer to confirm fault etc etc - there's more, but there is a lot to get in a row - and in many cases, should not be you concern).

    The insuremyride guys with the claim discussed on here seemed to be all done within a fortnight. I've had a car with AAMI and an order placed for a new replacement car completed within 4 days, Jeep then gave me a loan car till the new order was received 3 weeks later. I hear Swann is a small team and has some issues. I've heard Shannons can be a little bit slower, often due to their approach of letting the customer be involved in all the steps, choosing repairers, approving the quality etc etc....

    The one factor that is inexcusable in this one is simply not giving you any information on the next step and a timeframe around that. I would have thought they can tell you when that can be. To suggest that its all being delayed to 'whenever' based on a lack of staff would be screaming to me about an insurer to stay away.
  3. Experienced or new riders alike...

    I made the mistake of showing up in an area where a dawdling merc 4x4 decided to turn right without indicating when I tried to overtake. I clipped him, went
    over the handle bars and the bike slide to the left. When lying on the road waiting for the ambulance I saw the merc's indicator running and the driver making it a point to keep it running while the police arrived. As such,
    I was deemed in the wrong

    The bike was ridable so I took it to a local dealer for repairs. They said I was in luck! There was an assessor from Swann due in the next day. Lucky because they only
    show up on a fortnightly basis. I found out that the assessor did show up but couldn't do anything as he didn't have the work order. Two weeks passed. The bike got
    assessed but it was another three weeks only after I did some digging that the dealer still didn't have any authorisation to order parts let alone do the repairs.
    Another three weeks later, I finally got the bike back; two months later.

    Do yourself a favour. Stay away from Swann Insurance. If you're already with them, don't have an accident especially if the other driver drives an expensive car.
    It's easier for them to hammer you with a loss of no-claim bonus than authorise lawyers to go after the rich.
  4. A friend was with QBE and after a lot of run arounds and a hell of a lot of shouting he finaly got his bike fixed after 3 months. QBE lost his paperwork as well as his insurance policy, then told him it was market value instead of agreed value until he showed them a copy of his policy that they sent him when he first signed up, along with his laywers header on a letter with please explain or else.

    On the other hand I did a complete write off with my vn800 through suncorp and as it was only 3 mths old I got a new bike the following week. Had the accident on thursday (was getting my 30,000km service done the next day) by touching the white lines when they were wet and had the new bike the next friday.
  5. I was given given the same, crap service by QBE, eventually took ~8 weeks iirc.

    but "insure my ride" gave me absolutely amazing service, couldn't ask for better.

    I wont touch QBE ever again, they stuffed me around years ago with house contents as well. Don't care how cheap their quotes are, it's false economy when you have to claim.

  6. I run a transport fleet, we've tried multiple insurance companies.

    Our experience is -:

    2 Weeks for a claim is almost unheard of.

    4 Weeks is about average.

    8 Weeks when things aren't straightforward.

    12 Weeks + when the other party contests your version.
  7. My sister in-law had an accident (write off) and was insured with QBE. About 6 weeks later, I had a write off and was also insured with them. She got hers about 2 weeks after that, then I got mine about 1 week after that.

    So 8 and 3 weeks respectively.

    Heres the point. About a week after I was paid both bikes went up for auction at Fowles. So my assumption is they hold off payments as long as they can, for internal cash flow reasons.
  8. I wrote of a 2003 GSXR-1000 and NRMA paid up within 10 days
  9. Fowles only hold 1 auction a month per state ?
  10. ...for bikes, yep.
  11. Sometimes less, depending on christmas etc.
  12. To keep you up to date, mine was a write-off and yesterday, QBE faxed me a "Total Loss Release" form to sign.

    I guess I can expect payment sometime next week ? If so, it will be some 6 weeks.

    Exciting times as I am already hunting for another bike (2nd) asap but the big question is, will I insure with QBE again ?
  13. I'm with QBE - my accident was on 12 April, the bike was in the shop the next day. Yesterday I also got my Release forms, I signed them and faxed them back. They said it will be 3 working days for the funds to appear in my account. If so 4½ weeks in total
  14. I'm with QBE.

    4 x days after I bought my bike I dropped it on slippery wet concrete doing a u-turn (new rider) :oops: I'd signed up with QBE 4 x days earlier on their 'pay by the month' option and paid the initial $40 odd dollars by credit card. I rang them after the bike had gone in for repairs and to cut a long story short, it took 6x weeks for them to AUTHORISE the repair because when you sign up on PBTM, a finance company actually pays QBE your yearly fee. This takes 6 x weeks to go through.

    Lesson - don't do PBTM if you want your bike back quickly and are unlucky enough to damage it in the 1st 6 x weeks.

    At the moment I'm in the process of another accident claim that happened on 2nd May (not my fault this time) because a tool in an audi decided to ignore the fact that I was stopped at a give way sign and and ran straight up my a$$. The bike was repaired this time within a few days and QBE advised me that I should pay my excess if I want to get my bike back straight away and they would refund it when they get the dosh back from the other insurance company. That was 3 x weeks ago and I'm told every time I ring that they don't know what the current status of my claim is and that I should wait to hear from them.

    Well Bollocks to that Shite.

    Now I don't have a problem with procedures being followed, but every time I ring them I get told a different story. Also, when I'm told by one of their people I should be speaking to another dept, I get given a different phone number and told to call them myself. I reckon thats simply crap service, but maybe I just expect too much.

    Is this normal practice in a straightforward blame situation?


    Dougz ](*,)
  15. This is particular to QBE. Not all of them actually do this, Shannons and IMR don't.

    On the later bits, it would seem you are getting the front row staff who are just answering whichever they can to get you off the phone.

  16. You get what you pay for ;)

    Some clown a couple of weeks ago decided to run a red light whilst looking at his GPS and collided with the wife, no one hurt, all's good, the other driver Insured with AAMI. Phone AAMI, "yes sir, they have made a claim" excellent, 1 week later get a call from AAMI, we've accepted liability, take your car here, get a quote and then get a second and get your car fixed.

    Seems like pretty cool service to me.

    When our current policy runs out next week, I'll be getting a quote of AAMI.
  17. I got the impression with Western QBE that there were only a few guys running the bike insurance devision and I also got the impression they ride themselves.

    I think it's QBEs policies that are giving people the run around.

    don't get me wrong, I would insure with them again, but I expect to jump through a few hoops and be mucked around a little.

    As to AAMI, I have been insuring my car and house with them for quite a few years now, but they are getting too dear. I went with someone else last house renewal and will shop around next car renewal. I even gave them the oportunity to reduce their price, but they didn't even try.