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How long does it take for VicRoads to send out Learner Permit

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Comrade, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering how long it takes to get the permit sent out from VicRoads?

    Passed the test at HART 5 weeks ago this weekend.

  2. Learners 1 - 2 months.

    I got my license start of November and still haven't got my license sent. Asked Vicroads they said could take anwhere between 6 - 12 weeks. In the meanwhile keep using the paper copy of the permit as that is a legal document and will suffice.

    Hope this helps.
  3. This has been the case since they changed to the new license cards harder to duplicate late last year.
    They use to give them out immediately but now need to be made off site with specific equipment so it can take up to 8 weeks.
  4. Hi Comrade,

    It took 6 weeks for mine to come through from mid Oct.


  5. They're saying that there's a backlog, especially with holidays and all, and it may nearly 2 months (the validity of your temporary permit) before you get your plastic card.
  6. I got a letter around 6 weeks after the test asking me to go in for another photo as the first didn't turn out.

    This ended up better as the first photo I had helmet hair.

    They re-issued my learners paper thingy with an extra month and I got my card about 2 weeks later.
  7. i think i got mine approx 5 weeks after i obtained my L's. But from the sounds of things more people have recently been obtaining their motorbike licenses, may have increased demand and delayed production.
  8. When I got mine in Sept it took 4 weeks. Sounds like it is getting worse
  9. Thanks Guys.

    Looks like I'll have to be patient for a couple more weeks before I start calling them up and hassling them.
  10. I still haven't got mine either Comrade, I called vicroads and they told me that HART didn't even lodge it with them until 2 weeks after the test but that it had been sent off to be printed (or whatever it is they do to make them) and that it normally takes 10 days after that, this was 2 weeks ago.

    Posting things at Christmas is never a good thing either. :)
  11. I'd chase them up, if it getting close to the expiry of the temporary one. I had to with mine and if I didn't I wouldn't have gotten it in time.
  12. I called Vic Roads again this afternoon, apparently mine was posted on Thursday last week. I'm guessing you'll be in a similar situation Comrade.

    Hopefully it should arrive some time in the next week or so. :)
  13. Just got home after one of those days at work and wouldn't you know it the permit was there waiting for me!

    It almost made me smile as stupidly wide as in the photo :)

  14. What the **** is wrong with Victoria? In NSW it takes 10 minutes.
  15. It used to take 10 min here too at any VicRoads office, Heart Licence testing, etc..
    But last year they were replaced with a new design to stop fakes and need to be made at a specialised location.
  16. Good part of two months for mine to arrive...
  17. I bet I can buy them on Khao San Rd in Bangers :)
  18. It appears mine will be taking that long too. Went thru a license check/breatho road block, gave the cop the paper license together with the cancelled license that has been holepunched and there were no issues.

    Vicroads have changed the system as the licences now get issued offsite and hence take longer.
  19. Update:

    Just opened a letter and it was my license sent from Vicroads. Time lapsed from passing license test to receiving it was 57 days, pretty much 2 months.

    This means my money clip can finally get thinner as I no longer need to carry the hole punched motorbike learner, car/truck license & paper copy of motorbike/car/truck license.