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How long does it take for the netrider card to turn up?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bogus69, May 8, 2005.

  1. It seems like I paid my $5 ages a go.

  2. Good question. Although I haven't been waiting long. :)
  3. I payed mine on 03/05 so not that long ago...
  4. What? you expect a card as well for $5.....sheesh....

    They were being printed, we ran out.
    The printer sent them out on Thursay, I'm tipping they will be arriving tomorrow. If so, they will all make tomorrows mail
  5. Cool. I was starting to consider sending an email. Can't argue to much for $5 :p
  6. I've got 36 of them to send out.
    The laminator will be working overtime tomorrow :)

    Assuming the cards turn up
  7. Phew!

    Seems like a few were thinking the same thing.
    Thanks Vic.
  8. Yay!
    It turned up today.

    Thanks Netrider, your the best ;)
  9. Mine to.

    Cheers Vic.
  10. Well I'm on strike for 2 days :)

    I want a pay rise, better working conditions and a company bike. :p
  11. we got a company bike, gimme ya address and I'll send her over. :LOL:
  12. :eek: You can't go on strike!!! I don't have my card yet :p
  13. Ok, can you please SMS me as soon as you get it?

    Thanks :)
  14. Hey guys,
    What are the cards you are talking about, and how do i get one???
  15. YAY!!! My card arrived today. No it's time to go take on some shops to join the list of netrider associated business which will give us a discount when we flash our card.

  16. Cool, i like the ide of the card.

    Can i pay by direct deposit as i dont have a credit card, or intend on getting one.

  17. Sure. Complete the application and drop us an email for further details.