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How long does it take for learners to get issued?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. I went to HART about 3 weeks ago and completed my 2 days learners there. I did pass everything there and they told me there should be about a 4-6 weeks wait before vic roads will issue the learners. So I am wondering why it takes so long? And does it usally take this long?

    I am also looking for my first bike. I really like the CBR250R. I have been in this forum a couple of times and I found the borad very useful to find info on certian things so I think I'll be looking in here more often. Some people might already see me going around in the forum looking for advice and new bikes. Any sugestions on getting a new bike? Coz I dont know anything about bikes at this stage.
  2. dont u have to go to the rta to do computer course after riders course? once you have passed that u pay for licence and get it straight away well thats in NSW anyway
  3. I have no idea about over there, here you get a certificate and you just have to take that in to TransportSA the next business day and you have your licence(or permit).

    As for a bike we could rattle off an endless list of them but it would help if you would tell us some more about what you want.
    Sporty? Cruiser? Traily?
    Something to just get you through your restrictions? Something that will last you a couple of years ?
    Fast? Loud?
  4. I was riding around with that bit of paper that says your on your L's stuffed into my wallet for 4 weeks! So I think the people at Hart were pretty much spot on.

    It is exciting when your proper learner permit arrives in the mail though. :grin:
  5. Mine took about 4 weeks if i remember correctly.
  6. The bikes that I really looking at are sports bike. It will be my first bike(obvisously) and I think I wont be changing bikes for the next few years. After my restrictions I'll probably be using this same bike. I really wanted a bike that sounds good but not too loud and pref fast. As just a comparision for cars I really like the subaru WRX(if you can compare bikes to cars). They have a really nice sound not too sharp in high revs. Also for buget wise I have about $4000 to spend on my bike coz I also left out some money for my gear as well.

    Any advice on what I should do next as I've been looking around for a few weeks and found a couple CBR250R for my buget. Also any advice on how to look at second hand bikes? I do not know how to look at one at all to see whats not right or how things should be. At the moment Im kind of looking at pre-perchase inspections that are out there and Im not sure if thats a wast of money if I have a few friends who knows abit about bikes.
  7. Be careful of cbrrs at your budget. There are some genuinely well treated ones for that price but I've seen so many that are 6000+ that are early 90s, 40000km, crashed a couple of times, no maintenance and all the consumeables (tyres, coolants, filters) shot to hell. So be careful when buying to check out all of those things. If you get tired of looking you can much more easily pick up a gpx or zzr (definitely not as sporty or fast) in better condition, newer, fewer km for the same price.
  8. Firstly, congrats. :grin: Secondly, any bike after 2 days experience is a scary thought let alone a sporty one. Make sure you have at least 3rd party insurance and all the riding gear your plastic can afford. :wink:
  9. I knew from the start that I needed to becareful of the budget coz of the nature of the bike itself(as in sporty). So what you are saying is that I really need someone who knows about bikes to check it out as well? In case of someone to check the bike out. Who do you think I should go with? As in a professional-mechanic or a friend which knows pretty much about bikes to check out the bike Im going to buy.
  10. well as you like the sound of a wrx i think you should look at a 250 vtwin unfortuantely, being restricted to 250's as you are in vic your not going to get anything that is majorly big in the performance side of things, the cbr250rr's can get very very loud in note, and they really like to be revved out to getperformance out of, but then again the rr is slightly quicker then the gs500 which is a learner legal in nsw, but is not as friendly or comfortable to ride
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  12. ive been on my L's for 2 weeks and managed to find a cbr 250 r. Just make sure tyres are good, its been serviced regularly, fork seals, sprockets, brake pads etc are all in good order. Consider km and damage to the body as well as rego in the price.

    check here for a used bike guide


    i got one with rego till november, relatively decent tyres, only really needs new front pads and oil and water top ups. Brilliant mechanically however has alot of fairing damage. Pretty much needs all new fairings or some major repair work. The bike set me back $2500. cbr prices are inflated because they are in such high demand, but you will recover the money if you dont drop it or put too many k's on it.

    if you like the cbr, take a look at fzr's, zxr's gsx r's .

    they are all high performance 250's. Good luck and dont forget your safety gear!
  13. It took 4 weeks for my Ls to arrive from VicRoads. You can have mine if you like since I don't think I'll make use of it again. :p
  14. took me 2-3 weeks for my boat license to be sent to me.....

    i passed my bike L's yesterday so I reckon about the same time as above ^ 'n i'll be happy ;)
  15. if you're in melbourne, you should check out these customised cbrs with the r6 look. i think they look great.
  16. How much do these customised cbrs go for? (jus for my curiosity) They look so good.