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how long do your tyres last?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fubarcbr, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. how long do you go before you need to change tryres???
    and what type of tyres to you have?

  2. Varies with bikes, how u ride, what tyres, etc,etc.

    I run very sticky dunlops (Gpr-a10) on my rgv and get about 3000-3500 out of a rear tyre and about 7000 out of a front. Ohh track day in there, and sprited twisties and many max speed runs
  3. Boring old Hornet, everyday riding plus many quick trips up Macquarie Pass to the Pie Shop

    Bridgestone BT-020 on the rear, usually get around 12,000 kms

    Bridgestone BT-014 on the front, around 10,000 kms (softer compound)
  4. Bandit 1200 K6 - I ran BT020 on the rear (got 5500kms) and BT014 on the front (changed at the same time, but had some tread left unlike the back). Replaced with Dunlop D220's which look like getting about the same distance.

    Moto Guzzi LeMans V11 - BT020 rear/BT010 front (got 10000kms out of the last set).

    The Bandit tends to get ridden harder than the Guzzi though :)
  5. Kawasaki ZX7R.

    Predominantly highway riding between home & the Gold Coast - occasional run through the twisties but not as often as I'd like. Last set of Pilot Powers front and rear - 12000Kms, only replaced because they were flat across the middle - outside was still brand new.

    Currently wearing Pilot Road 2s - for obvious reasons. Fantastic (for me) in the dry, just as good in the wet. Will be interesting to see how far they go.
  6. 4000k.... or so i have been informed by the previous / shared owner...
  7. pilot roads and got 11,000 out of them (middle wore out before the edges were scrubbed in, but i ride like a :cool: granny :oops: be interesting to see what i get out of the new pilot road 2 :cool:
  8. Power rear on blackbird about 7000km, front power about 12000

    Now on Pilot road2's so far feel great, and look like lasting maybe twice as long
  9. After about 20 sets I find I get between 5000 and 25000km, depending on riding style, bike, air pressure, road surface material, and type of tyre.

    Longest miles: cheap hard chinese tyre on a small low-power bike, cruising.

    Shortest miles: Heavy bike with wrong air pressure on touring tyres.

    2nd-shortest: medium bike with lots of horsepower on full sport tyres riding like a complete lunatic.

    So yeah, check your air pressure.
  10. riding with low air pressure will also deform the tyres and cause un even wear, as the front D204 on the storm will attest. it looks like i could about 18000 on the D204 front if they werent stuffed from me riding em 16psi under pressure. rear pilot power still looks brand spankers after 1500kms.

    on the VTR 250
    20000kms on the battalax rear, christ knows how long on the front.

    25000kms on the front pirrelli sports demon, and there was still centre tread left, the sides were bald.
    about 12000kms on the rear for the sports demon.

  11. Rears last me about 3500 km's on the 400, front twice as long.

    This is with super sticky tyres, could probably get twice the mileage from less sticky tyres, but what's the fun in that!

    The super sticky stuff has also saved me once or twice...
  12. Suzuki Vz800 cruiser
    11000 on both so far, rear looks about 1-2000 kms left (for winter use)
    front looks like another 10,000kms left.
  13. 2653466.87 revolutions. No less. No more.
  14. So if we work on a 17" rim (you haven't got the old 18" have you?)
    120mm width, 70% height that's 17"+2x(70%of120mm) = 599.8mm diam
    Pi(d)=approx 3.1415926535x599.8=1884mm/rev

    = near as buggery to 5000km.
  15. Zx9r Metzler M3s about 8,000 rear and 9,000 front :grin:
  16. Jeez you must granny that thing about... :grin:
  17. VFR800 commuting/touring on pilot roads (1) regularly got 35K from front and 32K on rear. Dont ride hard but quicker than in a car.