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How long do bikes usually last before you need to rebuild??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrJtw, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    just a question pop out from my head today,

    how long to bikes usually last? eg after 100,000km on the meter or sooner.
    If the bike is service on schedule all the time and been well maintain,
    When do I expect to see problems coming out like oil leaks and things like that…
    Lol newbie question~~

    I ride a 2009 CB 400 (10k on it now) just wondering would it last me another 5 years if I am approximately doing 400~450KM each wk.:biker:
  2. It's all about how well they're looked after, how hard they're ridden, how highly strung they are and how well they're made. I think you should easily see 100,000KM out of a CB400 if you don't flog it, change the oil regularly and service it regularly. Something like a 1300CC BMW tourer will last way than 100,000KMS.
    Doug has a Yamaha FZR which has something like 313,000 KMS.
  3. how long is a piece of string
  4. goz + 1

    a mate has a bmw with 250K km on it....my bandit has 60K and runs well....

    50K and it's getting longish to start with....
  5. lots of variables will effect the engine life of your bike...

    no real hard and fast rule however, if you look after it, its going to last longer.
  6. Not crashing also tends to prolong the need for a rebuild,as we both know.
  7. Keep servicing it, and with that amount of regular hot running you should see 200,000km without too much going wrong. You'll get sick of changing tyres, fluids and brake pads before the engine quits. Don't let the bike stand idling at warm up, keep the revs down until you've done at least 5km and all should be well. Lots of cold starts and short runs kill engines faster than longer rides when the engine reaches full temperature.
  8. I had a SXV that needed rings at 9000kms, it was worth it.
  9. There's a search !
    "shuffles off to search for trolling advice"
  12. Keep a modern engine regulalry serviced and it should outlast its surrounding bike. A bloke in England who uses his bike for courier work and then rides it on the weekend for fun has done 800,000 MILES on a VFR-750, replaced the motor at 400,000 and is just about to do it again.

    Lower down the scale I have a mate who's done over 250,000 on a ZZR-1100 and my Hornet has done 157,000 and at its 150,000 km service it needed one valve shim adjusted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.