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How long did it take you to get over the power of your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ninja03, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Eyy Guys!!!

    I get off my restrictions in a few weeks so am about to put my hyosung GT250R on the net for sale and can hopefully get rid of it by the time i am off my restrictions so i can upgrade straight away. The next bike i buy i am indending on keeping for quite a while and was just woundering how long it took you guys to get over the power of your 600 or if you ever have?

    Obviously its a choice between upgrading to a 600cc or 1000cc sports bike (looking at the ninja or the gixer). Like everyone says wif the 250's you get over the power within about 2 weeks of riding it and you do. Was just woundering if this is the same case with the 600's?? Do you get over the power of them very quickley and want more?

    Im a very sensible rider and dont do dumb sh1t so im not worried about my self control. I dont think 1000ccs are that practical for the road but at them same time dont want to get another bike which i will get over within 3 days of riding. Any advice?

    Also ive never ridden anything more powerful than a 250... what do you guys reccommend?

  2. I bought a firestorm, i wish i went for a nimble 600. As much fun as this bike is, i think i would have more fun on a smaller capacity machine. Whether you get a 600 or a 1000 the throttle will definitely give you a shot of excitement. I'd be more worried about what would be the most fun to ride.

    Almost every rider asks themselves the question of whether they should skip the step.

    Just take into consideration insurance, fuel prices and general wear on the bigger machines.

    I get less than 180k's to the tank if i'm giving it a bit in the hills. Things like this and costs associated with mainainence take their toll...

    Just test ride a bunch and consider all the factors, there is no real answer to that common question.
  3. If you really think you got over the power of your 250 in 2 weeks then you are deluding yourself.
    Learning to use the power that is available to you to best effect is one of the things that is fun about a bike.
    And what 600 do you have in mind?
    Everyone who rides a 675 say it has the mid range to compete on an even footing with most litre bikes.
    That mid range Grunt (Torque) is what makes a bike interesting up until you hit ludicrous speed.
    Now personally I se this as the limit in my bike selection, the 05 R6 has to wind up to get interesting, but get a 675 or a CBR600RR and they have more grunt off the line.
    On The other hand something like an SV1000 has Huge amounts of Grunt off the line, but runs out of puff really quickly (Though the ability to lazily loft the wheel on demand is amusing).
    The Only way to really know is wait till you are off your restrictions then get out and ride a couple.
  4. Honestly, a 600cc bike will leave you half arse on the road. These bikes are really designed for the track where the power delivery is top end where you will never be able to legally use it on the road.
    The down side to a sports 600cc is that down low for street use you can get caught out of gear with very little torque.

    A 675 Triumph might be good, or go for a lazy 800cc - 1000cc like a VFR or Bandit.

    These bikes deliver lots and lots or torque down low for quick escapes, and don't require a lot of rev's.
  5. My 250 was ok... if it had better brakes, I probably would have been happier with it for longer.

    Now have a 600 and it is fantastically quick when you wring it's neck.

    I'm a pretty lazy rider though, I know any bikes I have in the future won't be under 1,000cc.
  6. Spoken like a one eyed big bike advocate who can’t see beyond his own prejudice.
  7. Why not try a Gixer 750 ?

    Of course I'm biased :p
  8. Would a 750 give the best of both worlds of the 600 and 1000? Anyone with first hand experience?
  9. I still can't get to the throttle stop with the bike fully cranked over so the answer is no, i never get bored with the power.....sure you get used to it in a straight line, but anyone can go quick in a straight line
  10. Well, I know I cant corner like rossi on my 250, yet, but I can soundly say that I AM BORED of its power already.
  11. I ride an er6 which is a 650 and am still getting used to the power after a year. Don't do track days though. Up to about 5000 its like a 250 then wheeeeeeeee. Brilliant in the hills around Melbourne.
    The kawa er6, yammie xj6, suzuki gladius are all pitched at the first big bike market. Depends what you want to do though.
  12. Re: How long did it take you to get over the power of your b

    I hadn't ridden a bike for 8yrs and then bought a VTR1000. 3 months of daily traffic commuting and weekend fun to become comfortable with the power down low and mid range.

    6 months i was looking for more power down low so i changed the sprockets. Never wanted more top end power as i rarely revved it out so it always felt fast up top. That was about 110hp.

    It all depends how you ride. If you spend your life using the torque you will adapt at some point. If you spend your life at the track living at the top end, you will adapt to that at some point to. Don't forget a 250 is dog slow. A 600 is bloody quick and will always be quick. You won't have that same 'longing for more power' that you had with your 250.
  13. you'd get bored by 600 power too. hayabusa, always gives the grin on straight line.
  14. I got over mine in 3 days.

    but I didnt get get my bike to have lift-offs to the moon. I got it for its handling
  15. I recommend you pop on down to Garner's Motorcycle Hire, two blocks north of Queen Vic market, and hire either a Honda CB600 Hornet ($142 per day) or a Kawasaki ER6 ($165 per day). Either bikes are going to see you double your peak power-to-weight ratio on paper, and triple at (peakRPM)/2 revs, which is like going from a Corolla to a XR6 Turbo. Any time you reckon you're getting bored on these bikes, drop a gear, twist the throttle, and hang on.

    If you are either (a) really lazy and can't be bothered changing gears, (b) really inept and are always out of gear, or (c) have a penchant for cruising down the freeway with the engine barely turning over, then get a litrebike. Otherwise, a 600 will be a laugh riot for ya, providing you're like me and chicken out once you hit 30 kph over the limit.
  16. Small bikes are cheap bikes.
    They are made to a price, because the market hierarchy is based on performance.

    Big bikes have better brakes, generally handle better, and are more comfortable and reliable.

    Go test ride some, OP.
  17. i would say buy a bike that suits your needs, most 600s these days have enough in them to give you a giggle every now and again.. however if you just want a bike that freeking quick in a straight line and turns like a banshee.. get a GSXR1000, or CBR1000RR. other wise just do the step up with a 600.. after riding my mates 99 zx6r last month. i dident realize how quick 600s are these days. given if you buy a 05 600 they are still very quick machines. even though the 1000s are quicker, they offer more low down torque then the 600s which means that you dont need to rev the ringger off it in traffic. bikes like the new cb1000r would be awesome for this.

    its up to you what to buy.. just remember.. test ride, test ride, test ride, test ride.......

    a mate of mine had a vtr250, and went straight to a cbr1000RR, he said that it took him over a year to get used to the bike, but had wished that he bought a 600RR first.
  18. I still enjoy riding a 250, all bikes have a different way of mastering them and thats what makes it fun, any turkey can pull back on the throttle of a 1000+ and hang on for their life, but thats like sticking to the missionary possition forever. If i had a wod of cash and a large garage I would have a vast range of bike styles and cc'c

    from a monkey bike to a trail to a 250 4 and 2 stroke maybe a 500 2 stroke an enduro 600 sport 600, 900 ,1000 super sport 1300 cruiser, shaft drive, classic, tourer and if i was Jay Leno a Jet Bike :LOL:
  19. I just upgraded to a 2003 cbr600rr 3 weeks ago so I thought I might throw in my 2c.

    To answer your question, no I'm not over the power yet. Might depend on the kind of rider you are but I don't see that happening anytime soon for me.
    What people have said about the low/mid range torque is kind of true but its still heaps better than a 250.
    I quite like the fact that it can be nice and docile low down. Maybe I'll get bored with it eventually but for now its made the upgrade really easy.

    Another thing to think about are things like handling, braking, suspension etc. and those are fantastic. (I jumped back on my zzr after a week of being on the cbr and the first time I went to brake I thought the cable had snapped)

    Hope this helps
  20. Get a 750 thats what im gonna do or a 900 fireblade.

    I was over the power of my 250 after about a month. but then learnt to use it better then got over it again in another money, now its just a thing to me, nothing exciting about it, i want something with much more power, maybe a scooter with a whipersniper motor.
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