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how long did it take to sell your bike???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hsvls1255, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. so the GS500 is up for sale and it been so for three weeks and not one single bite.... plenty of interest from people who supposedly work on oil rigs and want shipping agents invloved but thats about it.

    people were saying its learner legal so should be easy to shift.... yeah right.

    is it just a bad time of the year being winter to sell the bike...

    interesting to see how long it took others to sell... especially if it was a learner legal bike

    hopefully i can flog it off before the monster 1100s arrive :D
  2. bad time

    noticed cars / everything is selling slooooow. You need to have an edge on the competition whether it be more mods / included parts options accessories or lesser price and less K's.

    Otherwise if your bike is like every other it will never get sold.

    Just FYI my last CBR250R sold in a few weeks after alot of inquiries. But i put it on ALOT of websites incl. EBAY. Coverage helps.
  3. I just sold my cbr250rr after being on the market for just on a week and a half and I did just what Benjamin did, ebay, bikesales, forums etc. I took pics that made the bike look like new and put things such as mature owner, listed any mods, anything reallly to jazz the bike up - and no, I didn't lie with any part of the listing.
    Have you had a look on bike sites to see if your price, condition, year of bike etc is comparable with the market?
  4. It took 8 weeks to sold my CBR250RR, but I only advertised on bikesales
  5. This is the best time of year to buy a new bike, and the worst time to sell.
    I sold my 2009 ninja 250 in May (advertised on bikesales and gumtree), and it sold within a week of advertising it.
    I took lots of well angled photos, included some of my artistic shots at good locations, and photoshopped the colours and saturation a bit aswell.

    Mostly just depends on price and first impression.
    The cbr600rr I bought after selling my 250 was supposedly advertised on bikesales for 2 months, and i was the first to enquire about it.
  6. 2 weeks for an unrego'd hyosung. back in march/april
  7. 3 days for an unregistered DRZ400E, also around March...
  8. 3 Days for my VTR250 last week.
  9. 2 weeks for my VTR250 but i dropped the price from 6k to 5.5k after seeing there were a few on at the same..

    1st bloke to look at it gave me 5k cash and i was happy with that but only one call in that time. if you are prepared to drop the price a bit it makes it go quicker but it is a bad time to sell
  10. one thing that will determine your resale value later on... and make sure the phone rings when its time to sell (if the asking price is not obsene), is to buy a sought after model in the first place.

    that applies to just about any vehicle. get a reputable model from a good brand and the phone will ring at selling time.
  11. I got 2 bikes and a car for sale, no bites. I lower the prices by $300 a week on each :(
  12. 6weeks for my R1 may to june
  13. Got a LAMS Suzuki Gladius in the shop and not had a single call about it in 2 months - Though this one would go quick as it only has 800k's on the clock?????
  14. I listed a BMW R 1100 S yesterday. Have had heaps of interest from scammers who cannot come & see the bike. Last year I sold a Super Mottard & it took about 2 - 3 months. I think that this is because that style of bike is suited to a niche market. About 2 years ago I sold a Yammie SR250 in a week.
  15. Do you have a link to your sale??

    Alot of factors to consider, but one thing i know is that the asking price on some bikes second hand is a joke!
    Better off getn low finance and buying from a dealer with Warranty.. so this is just one thing going against a private sale.

    But Yes, being winter, not many looking to buy a bike to just sit and be looked at!
  16. i sold my cbr 250rr within 2 days of it being online :-O
    i was amazed! (this was 6mths ago)
    I hope you have luck selling yours soon!
  17. Mines been for sale for over 6 months, 98 cbr 600f3 , 79,000ks, $4300. :(
  18. Sort by price and if yours isn't the cheapest of all the bikes with similar ks, then you won't sell it.
  19. That sux :(
    Oh btw love your avatar :D
  20. lol... been trying to sell mine for like 2months
    put it up on bikesales 2 weeks ago, 90% of the emails come from scammers asking to buy straight away without looking at the bike......... very annoying