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How long? - CBD, Nebo, Samford

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Spotman, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Hey gurus,
    Am considering a ride after work from Bris CBD up to Mt Nebo via The Gap, dropping down into Samford and then home to Albany Creek via Eatons Crossing Rd.

    I am a new rider (and obviously have never ridden this road) so will be taking it easy and would like a ballpark time estimate for the run. Probably stop for a short break somewhere along the way.

    Google says 1hr 22mins but I have no idea what that's based on.

  2. Google maps is usually a little conservative. I don't know how they make their estimation but I could always speculate.

    Does it really matter? How much trouble will you get in if you're ten minutes or an hour late? If you're not getting in too much trouble for an hour late you could even do it twice!

    Give it a shot and let us know. You may need multiple runs to get a reliable average estimate ;)

    No need to guess.

    Google Maps - Help

  3. Did this run yesterday, loved most of it! Took about 90mins with a brief stop at one of the lookouts.
    Anyone who was out yesterday afternoon will agree that is was bloody windy! Consequently one issue was the leaf litter on the road and the occasional twigs/leaves hitting my helmet.
    Also found the light transitions from bright sunlight to deep shade challenging in spots.
    The section from The Gap up to Nebo was fantastic (no traffic either). One observation (interested to hear others on this) was that the corners on the Gap side were signed conservatively but then once you get to the big "Danger Danger twisty corners ahead for the next ##kms" the signs are either non-existent or a bit optimistic.
    Once turning off to drop down to Samford there are certainly some tight 20km corners and very steep technical bits but as I was taking it very easy I had no problems.
    Towards the bottom of the mountain twisties I was concerned by what looked like a spill of some sort down the middle of the road. Just a heads up for anyone out there this weekend.
    Anyways overall enjoyed the ride and will be doing it again.
  4. It's a great road, well the Gap side anyway, that will teach you plenty about looking through the corner, setting up early for each turn, braking smoothly and remaining focused on the road, not the trees and guard-rails; more than a few crashes up there have been target fixation events. The surface has taken a beating over the last few years but in the past it has been excellent. Good that you enjoyed your day.
  5. Sounds like you had fun - it is a great road when the traffic is light. Hmm, 90 minutes. I work in the cbd, and that nearly makes it doable in a longish lunch break...
  6. I love that road, right up to the t junction. We also often ride up through the Samford connection, some bits keep you on your toes! Best when theres not much traffic around, but its all good, even on a Sunday!
  7. haha sounds good! That was to Albany Creek though. You could probs run up to Nebo and back I guess!
  8. I definitely agree about the corner advisory speed signs. Once you are past half way they are much more realistic and ignore at your peril.
  9. i have not done a gloy nebo in a long time...