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How long can u stand on 1 leg pissed?...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ajl, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. So the question begs, me indefinite since some silly bi#@h nearly killed me but i'm alive so bottoms up :beer:

    at least 20 minutes officially (with a drunk adjudicator)

    also can anyone with a loud well tuned bike please ride down edithvale rd for my aural pleasure cause it sucks majorly not being able to ride or walk/drive anywhere :cry: :nopity:

    worst time of the year 4 no bike
  2. don't tell me no one was pissed and had to crack one open to find out!

    one might be a bit optimistic maybe a few instead
  3. Moved to Off Topic, for obvious reasons
  4. sorry for that, fair point it doesn't help being pissed and not being on here 4 weeks

    been getting pretty bored home alone since my stack
  5. Pisst folks usually start silly threads.