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How long can I expect an engine to last

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by flipper1939, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I am looking at upgrading but am finding it hard judging the value of second hand bikes based on how many km's they have left in the engine. All the adds tell me how many km's a bike has done but that info is useless unless I can work out how many more km's it has in it.

    Obviously, this is one of a number of criteria that I am applying to select a replacement bike, but it is the one I need assistance with. I realise that bigger engines will be able to do more km's, and I realise that it depends on how the bike has been treated. But, how many km's can I roughly expect from the following bikes if they have been regularly serviced.


    Suzuki GS500
    Suzuki SV 650
    Honda VFR 750
    Suzuki SV1000
    Honda CBR 900
  2. Regular servicing by a competent and careful mechanic makes mileage figures virtually irrelevant. A bloke in England has a VFR-750 which is used daily as a courier bike, and is regularly serviced, and it has done 800,000 MILES! It got a new engine at 400,000 and is now due for its second.....

    I bought my Hornet with 54,999kms on it, and it's now done 123,000 kms, and the rocker cover has never been lifted, but it has been religiously serviced.
  3. At least six, I would think.

    They're more likely to die going into a tarago or off a cliff than by popping.
  4. Even Harleys last for ages, mate. Keep riding it, but service it regularly too.
  5. Sounds like the 59 Club!
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  7. boom tish, thanks mate, I was waiting for someone to come up with that :LOL:.
  8. It's well known that Flipper rides an SV650S

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  9. All of the engines from the bikes listed should do 150k kms minimum easily, as long as its serviced correctly.
  10. Thanks all, for the advice.