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How long can I avoid the cage for?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sir_b, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Since I got the bike, my car hasn't left the driveway. I've been on the bike every single day, be it going to work, a long trip, or just riding around the neighbourhood for the sheer pleasure of riding.

    Any bets on how long it will be before I drive the car again? :)

  2. two full days of rain and an important appointment on the morning of the third!
  3. i dont even have a car anymore..

    its great.

    im thinking of getting a cheap wagon or ute for towing on ride days etc.
  4. Ridden in the rain a couple of times. Didn't like it but what can you do, it's better than driving ;)

    Being on the bike feels so natural, I don't know how to explain it, it just feels "right". I don't want to drive anymore.

  5. i rode in hail a few months ago.. it was an experience id do it again before driving a cage :)
  6. I'm not saying you shouldn't, just thinking about a time when you REALLY should take the car, because getting there will be more important than HOW you get there! :D
  7. I'd say the next time I take the car will be when I need to pick up something large/fragile. A mate gave me some saddlebags, but they're not quite large enough to carry a plasma TV or a lounge suite ;)

  8. a trip to mt donnabuang mid winter on ice will have u in the car real quick ..... both feet on the ground brakes locked and sliding backward down the road will do it every time
  9. cats: I think I'd stay home :p

    That sounds sh!tful though, I don't like the idea of being a passenger behind the bars...

  10. I haven't used the car since it broke down about a week and a half ago (Damm commodores), and the only time i think i'll ever use it during summer is for xmas shopping because it's hard to fit it all in a backpack.
  11. Thats the big thing, when you need to do the shopping or haul stuff around... Also for me i drive whenever i have to park somewhere i dont trust(which is pretty much everywhere unfortuneately)
  12. lol yes ............... i only ever tried it once
  13. ive never had a car :p Cept the invisible one over there. heh.
    Never really felt the need for a car; dont end up the desegnated driver ever (not even got car L's) and I dont mind riding in the rain.
  14. Haul stuff around? Pffft...two kids, groceries...SIDECAR!!!!!!
  15. ive always found all my groceries, andflat mats too, fit into my gearsack neatly.

    Mind you, the fruit and veg often get squished on the race home.
  16. There you go, eswen - you know who to call if you feel like a trip to Ikea! :LOL:
  17. Hmm... I typically use a car when the following situations apply:
    a) There's a LAN.
    b) My bike is in the shop/sold/not bought yet.
    c) I'm going to a wedding.
    d) Going somewhere with passengers.

    That pretty much covers it. Still end up using A car (not mine, I don't own one) quite regularly. Still ride 6 out of 7 days too though. :)
  18. We use the car alot more now my girl is expecting . I dont think you will drive the car unless it hails Tenoq . enjoy and ride safe :D .
  19. aren't you guys forgetting something thats called summer...... i know my dri rider permanent waterproof lining jacket is gonna act as a good steamer on hot days lol
  20. You've only got one jacket? Get thee to an accessory store!