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How long can a bike be out of rego?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kols_kebabs, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Just curious how long after registration lapses on a bike, you can leave it without major hassles in getting it re-registered? Months? Years? I'm worried about the expense.

    My rego expires on the 8th. My greenslip letter says "please pay by the 9th"- I'm sure I can go without paying for longer than this, but how long?

  2. I think its some thing like 3 months.
  3. Any idea what happens after 3 months?

    The expense? The red tape?
  4. Registration cannot be renewed if the registration has expired by more than three months or has been cancelled. In these circumstances a vehicle will need to be registered again.
  5. In NSW you will need to get a blue slip (ask at a bike shop about that), costs about $75 bucks I think.

    That's all you need if you have the original rego papers.
  6. You would have already received your rego label Rego in the mail with your renewal advice, so pay for it over the net, and if it's questioned plead ignorant of the cut-off date. I could point out a fellow rider who registered their bike almost 4 months after it expired and nothing was said.
  7. Valid for NSW - dunno about other spots
    Say your bike ran out of rego January one, you can still register this bike under pink slip up to March 1, but you will be paying for registration thats already gone, eg pinkslip renewals mean you get 12months rego from the date the vehicle *expired*

    Once the bikes out of rego for 3+months (or you dont want to pay for wasted rego) a blueslip is in order
    If you blue slip it, then use the blueslip to register it, the registration comes into effect the day you pay for rego at the RTA, eg you get a full 12months.

    For registration purposes, pinkslips are valid for 42 days and blueslips for 28 days - then they expire and the RTA dont want to know about em.

    PS I would laugh at somebody that tried to charge me $75 for a blueslip
    Think pinkslips worth low $30's -will check at work today what a blueslips worth
  8. I know in Victoria you can pay six months registration. You can only do this once per vehicle though.
  9. blueslips are about $75 for a car, but only a little dearer then a pink slip, for a bike.

    Can't remember exactly, but mid-high $20s

    And yeah, more than 3 months and you have to get one.

    Also have to hand in your plates and they give you new ones.

    Funny "Can I have the old one? Here's your new one."
  10. in Victoria
    we don't have those blue and pink slips

    you pay by the date or get another RWC
    and that MAY cost you a darned more
    IF the vehicle/bike is not up to scratch

    why not just pay the rego and be done with it for a year :roll:

    like why would anyone bother wasting either
    $75 of $30 on a piece of paper
    that only gives you a small time frame anyway

    allocation of funds is the way to go
    even put aside $10 a week for your yearly reg makes a hell of a lot of difference and you would have it there to pay it on time
  11. Absolute rubbish.


    "registration will be cancelled if payment is not received within three months of the expiry date. Paying the registration at any time within three months of the expiry date will register the vehicle from the date of payment until the normal expiry date."

  12. well, my rego was due on the 20th june. i paid it today being the 26th june without question at the rta.

    mind you, i haven't ridden it since the expiration date.
  13. Just re my last post, prices are
    Pinkslip on motorcycle: $17.40
    Blueslip on motorcycle: $28.80

    Even cheaperer than I thought!
  14. dont forget if you get caught driving/riding an unregistered vehicle you will cop a pretty hefty fine, in Victoria it's something like 5 or $600 and you aren't insured either while your vehicle is unregistered.
  15. I can't talk about Vic, in WA its somewhat similar, but be aware that the insurance component is seperate from the registration. In WA this ends 15 days after expiry, so although the the registration is not cancelled until much later, if you ride you have no cover.
  16. Blue Slip is $28.

    Can be done by a car mechanic. Which is recommended, as all they check then is the VIN/Engine numbers (make sure you point it out to them, as they are car mechanics they don't know where it is).

    It's a lot of hassle though. You have to get greenslip in person (as it's for an unregistered vehicle). Newly registered vehicles are also flagged for random identity checks at the RTA. Which means another day off to take it to the identity checking station.