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how long before some fruit loop proposes this here? [UK]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Don't panic its in England

    Learners to lose right to ride alone

    By Steve Farrell -

    General news

    30 June 2009 10:42

    Learner motorcyclists face losing the right to ride unaccompanied under Government plans, according to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI).

    Plans to scrap the right are likely to be revealed later this month, the Association fears.

    It would leave learners only allowed to ride while accompanied by an instructor and deny thousands of daily transport.

    The proposals are expected to be included in a consultation on new Europe-wide laws set to make it more difficult to gain a motorcycle licence from 2013.

    The new rules will raise the minimum age for Direct Access – a single practical riding test for access to unrestricted bikes – to 24.

    Riders who take the standard route will be subject to power limits for four years, two at 15bhp and 125cc and two at 47bhp.

    The consultation will be on details of the new regime, such as whether learners should have to take an extra test or complete additional training to progress from 15 to 47bhp.

    An MCI spokesman said: “The consultation may also propose that learner motorcyclists should lose their right to ride unaccompanied on L-plates.â€

    He said the Association had warned Transport Secretary Lord Andrew Adonis that “these measures would be extremely damaging to the industry and the vitality of motorcycling in the UKâ€.

  2. Doesn't Queensland (?) already have similar rules?
  3. We have that in WA. Learners can only ride when accompanied by (a) private instructor, or (b) a 'chaperone' (can be anybody) with > 4 years of holding their bike licence.
  4. I dont believe so.

    the law is they can only ride in the presence of a family member, specifically a cousin, brother or sister that they have subsequently married.


    but jesus, what a draconian, stupid, over the top suggestion..
  5. In Queensland a learner motorcyclist has to be accompanied at all times. However they can then go off and do QRide and then ride a LAMS bike after being passed for competency checks. So in Queensland you could get a licence to ride a LAMS bike after 3 days (after having a licence for 1 year). Or you can be on your Ls for six months.

    You used to be able to do the Direct Access-equivalent here and ride anything you like after a certain age and a clean licence, but they decided that was a little loopy as too many dentists were killing themselves.

    That's the only direct comparison I see with Queensland. Unless they like to marry their cousins in the UK too (hey kids, looky there, only one set of grandparents to worry about at Christmas).

    Fascinated that if you're over 24 under that proposal it looks like you can go off and ride any bike (after a test). However what looks particularly daft is the idea of spending two years on a 125cc bike, and then two more on a <47bhp bike??? By which time you will probably BE 24 and can take the test and to go on any bike you like :).

    With those restrictions I'd think the skin on rice puddings would be fairly safe from marauding teenage bikers for some time to come.
  6. G'day everyone,....

    There Ya go,....
    The key phrase,....

    More Big Brother Crap!
    Stick their nose in here,...
    Stick it in there,....
    Soon you'll need a UN permit to leave your own home,.....

    Its only just begun!

    Dr Who?
  7. The world is slowly being legislated into a state of safety and boredom..
  8. Surely they aren't that daft over there that they think something like this is sensible. Their is trying to make sure that learners can't ride bikes that are too powerful for them and then their is sheer stupidity!
  9. OR someone is trying to legislate bikes of the road over there.
  10. Every time I look at a stupid nanny law here, I think "Well, we still have it better than the fogbreathers."

    I'll punch myself in the crotch with my armored gloves before I ever set foot in that country again
  11. This just in!

    UN seeks to outlaw brightly coloured clothing!

    Grey clothing for all. The UN has moved to outlaw all articles of clothing that do not meet the new "minimal self expression" guidelines. It has been found that when people express themselves through their clothing, they are more than ten times more likely to commit unsafe and vulgar acts such as smiling, bidding people a good day and feeling good about themselves. A strong link between self expressionism and anger has also been established.

    Throw out your old wardrobe. These radical new guidelines are expected to come into effect next year. Unfortunately, only 17 selected shades of grey are permitted. All colours are said to invoke emotion, while white is seen as too pure and black holds strong symbolism to demonic worship.
  12. Im more confused about why the Motorcycle Industry Association would be known by the letters MCI. If they can't get that right then how can they suggest any kind of regulations?