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How long before fuel becomes stale?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. For a bike in storage. Know the issues with stale fuel, but in colder weather such as we have had. What time would it be good to change the fuel?

  2. how long are we talking here? i had a bike stared for over a year in england. it even had snow on the bike cover it was wrepped in and the old fuel was fine. just drain the float bowls forst and if it's been a real long time when you go to use it, then put a fuel treatment it it. this will help the fuel for that tank.

    but one thing to rember is the octain bousters and additives put in to moden fuels. these only have about a 2-3 month shelf life so you'll have to use a octain buster if the bike needs premium fuel these additives need to be addided to the fuel again.
  3. These days fuel is crap. Goes off real quick, even as quick as a week. Sealed containers will help it last a lot longer.
    Cold weather will help it last a lot longer.
    Fuel stabiliser additives will help it last a lot longer.
    But if you're going to store a bike for more than a few weeks, just drain all the petrol out first.
    That way you can put BRAND NEW fuel in. :grin:
    You won't get gum forming in the carb blocking everything up :grin:
    And you won't get water settling in the fuel tank making it rust :grin:
  4. One thing thaw. If you are storing the bike for a long time you want to put some kind of coating on the inside on the tank. If you can get hold of


    this will help, also other is other things to look at. Let us know if you are storing the bike and I’m shore you’ll get a bunch of suggestions.
  5. err, yes, you will.
    a FULL tank CANT rust, as there is no oxygen to oxidise.
    an empty tank, however, has oxygen aplenty ;)

    oh, and condensation :p
  6. here here. full tank or rust prevention.
  7. i think it takes a while for fuel to become stale. i left my bike sitting in the garage for a month and it was still fine.

    On a more extreme scenario: the fuel i use for my lawn mower is about 6 months old. It can still be used to fire up the two stroker without much issues.
  8. i would think you lawn mower in in a lot lower state of tune than your bikeso can use a lower quallity of fuel.