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How long Are U Restricted?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by josh_182, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. How long are you restrictred to a 250, can u go to a bigger bike when u get ur P's if u pass after 6 months?

  2. You are on your restrictions until you get your full license. Restrictions are not lifted while you're on your Ps.
  3. Although you only have to be on your L's for 3 months and your P's for a year. So in a year and 3 months you can ride whatever you would like.
  4. I was of the understanding that you need to display P's on your bike for as long as you have to display P's on your car... ie. if you are off your P's in your car you do not need to display on your bike but still have the bike restrictions for 12months...

    That's how it is in Vic, not sure about Tassie laws coz they're a bit strange over there :p
  5. Your understanding is spot on.

    I am on P's, but don't display them because I'm an old fart with a full car licence, but I still have to adhere to the cc capacity restrictions along with 00 alcamahol, and no pillions til next april.
  6. I'm going through all these restriction laws right now the RUS of ACT, and it is near impossible to get the same response twice from the one department.

    I have my p's on my bike - my full licence in the car - i'm under 26 and I did the P off course in my car a few years ago. As the motorbike license is an additional license to my first license - there a few special regulations. 1) I can only have a max of 4 points on an additional license regardless of whether or not i have completed the p-off course, 2) I must display my p plates for only 6 months, and I am completely off my p's in 12 months - not just the restrictions but the whole license, 3) If I lose 4 points in either my car, or on the bike, my additional (ie my bike license) will be taken away for a period of 3 months! which sux seeing as how i lost 3 points on my l's and so now i only have 1 point as a buffer for the next 12 months - if i lose this in my car then i lose my bike license!!!

    If I was 26 years of age - i would not have to display p plates at all on the bike!

    The ACT rules are REALLY Ambiguous - which does not help one bit!!! I had a chat to the lady at the ACT shopfront and we were saying how if they are this unclear to the people that are suppose to know them inside out - how in the world are the police going to be able to accurately enforce them and on our side of things how are we suppose to stand up for our rights if we cant figure them out in the first place.

    I obtained the paper work that is suppose to state the conditions of licences in the ACT from the shopfront ( eventually ) and it does not clearly state the laws regarding display of p plate in my situation - it briefly mentions other situations, but not specifically mine! STOOPID ACT GOVERNMENT!!!!!

    Hope my rambling helped in some roundabout way - or made you just as confused as most other L -> P platers are here!!
  7. In NSW I think that if you are over 30 once you have your P's like Vic you don't have to display your P's, but do have to keep to 0.00, however, hever if your over 30 you don't have any CC restrictions. :) Anyway that is/was no use to me. :)
  8. integridad, they sure are.

    I have NO car licence... Okay, so I have my car Ls.

    The law is like this if you have no car licence:
    Ps on bike for 3 years, only restricted for 1 year of that. 4 points to lose.

    10 days to go....
    10 days to go....

    Then I'm unrestricted!
  9. Wow, that blows. I'll just keep my NSW licence until I finish my Ps, then I'll see about transferring it to an ACT licence.
  10. Nah, I'll live.

    Besides, riding's more fun.

    But I do need to get my car licence soon for the sake of my career (such as it is).
  11. id interpret that the same way - DAM QLD'rs!!! bring that law to canberra - god knows i'd PAY to get an unrestricted right now!!!
  12. The only restriction you have is in engine capacity, not in your mindset or riding abilty...doesn't answer your question, just wanted to say it :)
  13. i just like how they call it mls not cc's in qld... which essentially makes sense.. just sounds weird
  14. Although both volumetric, I would interprit mls to define liquid volume and cc to define gaseous... But hey, Im not AE.-refer sig.
    Any Physicists (Spelling) / Chemists among us?, actually nevermind, sorry for hijacking.


  15. according to the rta web page if you are a "mature age rider" (ie over 30 and hold a full drivers licience for 5 years) then once you past the P test you go directly onto an unrestricted riders licence. the only exception is pillioning - you can't do it for the first 12 months. rumours of restricting alcohol level have been mention by riders, but there is nothing on the rta web page. i actually rang them to query this and they confirmed (verabally) the only restriction for a "mature age rider" has is the pillioning restriction. other than that it is a full unrestricted licence. but as we all know i guarentee if i ring them again i probably get a different answer!!!! lets see!!!
  16. well well well, what do you know - for once customer service correspond. just rang them again and yes the only restriction for a "mature age rider" going directly from L's to unrestricted is the pillion passenger. alcohol is the the normal .05

    i would recommend contacting your state road authority - because each state is different. as a start check out http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/licence_information/Tas_Road_Rules.pdf
    page 44 on (blue section)
  17. Here in SA if you have a full car licence you dont have to display P plates, are able to take pillions and have a BAC under 0.05. The only restriction is the engine capacity which restricts you to a LAMS approved bike.