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How likely is it for a bike to get stolen??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by steven_s2k, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hey fellow netriders,

    Just a Quick question for all ya, How likely is ur bike going to get stolen if its parked in a open driveway overnight every night. Would it be a good idea to get a bike lock or Alarm of some sort?? How much difference would it make?
    Cheers guys
  2. Locks don't stop them it only slows them down a tiny bit.

    To how likely it gets stolen would mostly reply on the suburb you live in. Why not just put it around the back of a house or in a garage?
  3. too many variables.

    very likely, imho.

    some fcuker stole my garden hose, of all things, some nights ago. NOT HAPPY!

    bolt it to the concrete, put a cover over it. better still park it out of site in the backyard, perhaps...

    what bike is it?
  4. For best chances keep your bike dirty, always covered, heavily chained to something solid, and don't live in a shady suburb.
  5. Thousands of bikes live on public streets every night with no issues, that said, if you own a sought after model for racers etc that may have stacked their bike and require some "cheap" parts, you would have an increased risk.

    The area you are living in will also have a fair deal to do with it. If you live in an affluent suburb with few shitkickers, you will probably be better off than someone that lives in a low cost, high public housing density demographic that is regularly inhabited by crooks, junkies and other undesirables.
    In Sydney, that could be Mt Druitt, Green Valley and the like. Not to say everybody who lives in these suburbs is of that pursuasion, just so you don't all cry out and say I'm generalising.
  6. Could it be parked around the back or in a garage or you don't have a garage?

    Best thing is to buy one of those anchor plates that bolts into the ground and run a thick chain through it to your bike. That with a disk lock thats also a sensor alarm should do the trick.
  7. I know a guy who had his R6 stolen from his car port, he had a disc lock and thought that would be fine.

    Two big guys with a ute/van could have easily just carried it on and driven away. Hell, even a box trailer would do the job.

    If you're leaving it outside, get a disc lock with a loud motion sensor alarm. It will also come in handy wherever you park it.

    I also know someone with a ninja whose alarm sends him an sms everytime someone gets close to the bike.

    But at the end of the day, your bike can always very easily be stolen. Get it insured (if feasible) and pay however much you think you should about security.
  8. Thats why you get and anchor attach point and bolt it into the ground and run a huge chain through it so they can't lift it up.
  9. I live in one of those new estates which is dead set middle middle class.
    I can leave my ute unlocked and windows open and my cd player will still be there.

    But i left my cbr250 out the front for like 3-4months and it got stolen in a 3 hour window while i was asleep. My shitbox pgx however was untouched.
    Open drive way in a good suburb.
  10. LOCK IT. A wire cable and a good, forged chain will not stop the determined thief, but they will stop the amateurs and opportunists (like dumb bourbon-tanked bogans and teens who joyride because they know there are no real legal consequences even if they're caught). Because your bike is always in one spot, they will probably come prepared, so combine the 'slowing them down' bit with something that will attract attention- an alarm, an automatic exterior light or even a security camera (of a security camera shell). These are now relatively cheap from jaycar electronics and can record onto a hard drive, either a DVD hard drive recorder or your computer.

    I lost $20,000 worth of bikes from my unlocked garage (in Tasmania or all f*#king places- actually there are a lot of scum-sucking people here who still closely resemble the first convicts) a few months ago and any sort of security would have stopped them... and at least I would have felt I did something to make it hard for them.

    Insurance will only cover you once.

    Also, lots of theft is industry-related... how many shops have had the chance to copy your key, and have your address on record?
  11. :shock:

    That's a point.
  12. Yep - in a related item, my family was victim of a jewellery theft years ago. A whole organised spate of robberies, with someone at a valuer jeweller (who was doing insurance quotes) feeding info through to the thieves.
  13. lol it's called a bong, when i was in highschool & i had zero $$ we ust to do it all the time to smoke up lol
  14. If I remember the statistics correctly:

    On average, a bike is 19 times more likely to be stolen than a car.

    Obviously some models/types are more likely than others - but that's the overall figure. Security is a good idea.
  15. if a crook really wants it they will find a way to take it. disc lock with alarm and try and put it in the garage or backyard. anything with a gate that you can lock aswell. then to cover any event get insurance.
  16. usually the hose will get 3" shorter at a time, but a whole hose? must have been a big night for them :LOL:
  17. The best protection against theft is insurance mate. Don't leave home without it :grin:
  18. Every night in an average suburb, I don't like your chances even with a bolt down system.

    Depends on a number of things. What are the nieghbours like, what type of bike is it, how much through traffic does it get, how hidden is the spot (can work for or against)?

    Generally if you leave a bike in a venerable enough situation for long enough someone will tell someone about it and it'll get re-dispersed as parts.

    If you are in a good suburb, surrounded by good suburbs on a street which doesn't have through traffic, but has a reasonable amount of local flow, the bike is not obvious, but not somewhere is can be worked on either, and it's not a popular parts bike, then your chances are better.

    Sorry about the long sentences.
  19. IMO is get it fully covered when possible. I'm sure one can't take whatever they can't see... there is a phase for this I believe. :p

    I remember when I was in HK, you can quite easily see bikes get park off street. A lot of them are fully covered and locked with a light pole etc.
  20. These posts have really made me think, I should do something about some security for the bike.

    What's a good disc brake system? For a start anyways.