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How lazy am I?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Wired in the garage door remote to a switch on the side of my bike.
    Now I dont even have to take my gloves off to open the door!.

    As I pull up to, and before I turn into the driveway, I hit the button, and just ride straight in!.

    Man I feel lazy, !
    And I cant leave the remote in my other jacket!
  2. :rofl:

    that is terrible.
  3. you my friend are now my new hero :grin: now all i have to do is get an electric garage door!!
  4. Ah, Peter, you are an inspiration to lazy slobs everywhere :rofl:

    (I used to do it too, till I moved to a house with a manual garage door :LOL:)
  5. well as long as your comfortable doing it, isnt that what owning a cruiser is all about!?!?
  6. This isn't laziness, this is genius.
  7. Please dont let my wife read this or she will make me do it my bike. as i just beep the horn and she gets up and presses the remote from inside the house. anytime of day or night. :grin:
  8. What's next?

    The next is a turntable to park on, so you can just swivel the bike around for a nice clean exit!
  9. Nice - beats my effort. My remotes are in a little case with a metal clip on the back so you can attach them to your sunvisor. I found that it also fits nicely over the lip opening of my saddlebags and is covered by the flap for protection. I just cruise down the street, reach down to the saddlebag and "open sesame".
  10. Re: What's next?

    I learnt to park by watching the Blues Brothers.
    Slide in, and do a 180, and no turntable required.
    Garage floor is epoxy coated, so slides easy.
  11. Re: What's next?

    Shhhh, don't let MY wife read this , as one of these is in the planning stages. The side of the house where I'm going to put the bike is very narrow. :wink:
  12. pete, you could have a nasty accident trying to open the garage door whilst pulling up, so it only makes sense to put the switch somewhere handy on the bike......now where can i put mine.........
  13. My wife is very helpful - when she hears the bike approaching she pops the garage from inside the house (our garage is around the back of the house) which I don't know about. So I enter the drive popping it from my keychain and appear around the back of the house just to see it closing... :)
  14. Haha, thats a champion effort!

    I might just have to do the same to my bike

    Lazy? No, efficient!

  15. So what you have now invented is a 2 wheeled 300kg garage door opener. :LOL:
    That could be used in many "I need a motorbike because" arguments. :cool:

    As a car salesman you have outdone your profession Peter :wink:
  16. It gets better - I am now the finance manager - anyone want to buy some money, Insurance with that?

    Seriously though, having used this for a few months - I cant imagine not having the switch there. Just makes life too easy.
  17. haha good work. bet it makes things easier!
  18. Mine sits under the plastic map cover on the tank bag. Works a treat (unless I forget to take it out if I'm not using the tank bag. :LOL:
  19. I suggest you communicate with your wife. Talking helps.