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how is your head measured?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davway, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. probably a dumb question, but anyway.
    how is your head measured when you are purchasing a helmet.
    is there any measuring or do they just keep handing you a helmet till one fits?

  2. More like a loaded question. Hope your helemet is on when this one gets answered.

    I try them on until they fit nice and snug. You can measure your head like you would for a hat fitting.
  3. measure from the front of your forehead and around the the back where your skull bulges out the most. You get your measurement and on the helmet box there should be a guide that eg 56-57cms = size small etc
  4. In minutes, or hours preferably :cool:

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :p
  5. You will get a rough guide of sizing - S, M, L, XL, XXL etc with a cm range guide to each sizing - but the only real test of size and fit is trying them each on - an XL in one helmet will fit your head differently than an XL in another for example.
  6. helmet sizes are a funny thing... i have a Medium KBC VR-1 that fits a little loose, but a Large Arai Condor that fits a bit snug...

    Best to go try em on.
  7. Different brands have different sizing's. I was a small in my last helmet, bought a new one on the weekend, medium was too small, large was just right.
  8. Yes different brands have different sizing, thus its best to measure your head with a tape measure and see what fits.
  9. here try this site for a guide

    helped me out a bit

    goto bikebiz and click on a helmet then on sizing guide
  10. I dont know shit ... :oops:
    BUT I would NEVER buy a helmet without trying it on first.

    HOWEVER If you must buy a helmet online etc.. I'd advise you to try the identical helmet at a store and then order the one your want in the size you know will fit you.
    ........Then again.. what do I know :?
  11. LMFAO!! Thank you, triway, for making my night! :LOL: :LOL: