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How is your glovelife?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by toadcat, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I've just worn through my A* GP-Pro gloves after 2 years of fairly heavy use.. the leather literally worn through on my fingers... :(

    I'm getting a set of GiMoto gloves now as a replacement but I'm wondering if 2 years of ~daily usage (in all weather) is to be expected? How long do you all get out of your sets?

    I'm also thinking of getting two pairs, one for winter and one for summer so they'll last longer and my hands won't freeze off. Anyone recommend a good pair ~$200?
  2. 2 years is slightly above average for me, I get 18-20 months at best. Just replaced my A* SP2s with GP Pluses. They're frickin' tight tight now, hope they stretch a fair bit.
  3. Iv had my Dainese (not sure what model tho) for about 9 months now and if I leave them for longer then 48 hours between rides they go really hard and takes a bit for them to loosen up.
    Is that normal? or am I storing my gloves wrongly (top of my robes)?
  4. Replaced one pair after 5 years because some of the stitching was starting to come apart (though otherwise they were fine). Current pair (from Aldi) are at 2 years of daily use and still going well. Neither pair cost more than $50, and both were Kevlar stitched with carbon fibre armour.

    Edit: Oh I do treat my gloves every 6 months or so (or as needed) with beeswax. Keeps them soft and may have an effect on longevity.
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  5. My A*'s lasted about 18 months before wearing through the palm. My Berik's are through on one finger on the left hand glove after a similar time. Both pairs were treated to leather conditioner every 6 months.

    I see the cost are about the same as buying a coffee once a week in North Sydney over the period of the glove's life so no biggy.
  6. Getting them wet is what kills leather gloves more than anything. I try to avoid using anything but waterproof gloves in the rain and my summer gloves in the heat.
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  7. Left 1 is more worn out than the right 1 cause it goes on first
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  8. You need to perform more clutch less shifts to prolong left glove life.
  9. Summer gloves I might get 2 summers from them, if I'm lucky. It doesn't seem to matter how much I spend, 2 summers is about the limit.

    Winter gloves last a long long time. I'm on to my 3rd pair in 16 years and the only reason I bought these ones is because my eldest son stole my old ones then moved to Qld 2 years ago.
  10. Only if you don't treat them to replace the lost oils.

    Horse owners or saddlery shops are the best to talk to about looking after leather, since a $3,000 leather saddle is not something most people want to be replacing every 2 years.
  11. I have alpinestars 365 gloves. They are a full leather gauntlet type of glove, plastic knuckles etc, but they have goretex lining so my hands stay bone dry even riding for hours in the rain.

    They are holding up well after 6 months, and I wear them quite regularly. I haven't noticed the leather degrade at all. I give them a wipe over with some dubbin about every 2 months (trying to get a very very thin film, not gluggy excess).

    I also have a pair of 5 gloves that have mesh on the upper surface and are very very cool for hot weather. I wear these some days when I am putting around town to give my A*s time to rest.

    I figure leather gloves are much like leather boots. If you have two pairs of leather boots, in a rotation, then you can expect to have them last longer than wearing 1 pair every single day, having that pair wear out, and then wearing another pair every single day.

    If I'm riding to Newcastle or somewhere, of course I take the alpinestars. But I don't want to wear them every single day (unlike their name would suggest) as I think leather needs some time to breath.
  12. Ha, and just preemptively... dubbin does not rot stiches
  13. Buy a set of commuting gloves for everyday use and only wear your full gloves when you wear your suit pants.

    At the end of the day its not that surprising that racing gloves wear out quite quickly, they are not really designed for everyday use they are designed for the track, which is something most people get to do every day.
  14. My gloves tend to split at palm seams.
    Been through a few pairs, but i prefer a little more flexibility.
  15. my dririders have held mostly together for 15ish months, but starting to open up the finger tips on the left glove from dragging on the ground occasionally...
  16. This thread just reminded me that I need to buy new summer gloves. My winter ones are doing just fine, but my air mesh gloves have worn out on the finger tips.
  17. My current A* SP2 are going strong at 18 months. I'm an everyday commuter as well.
  18. My current alpinestars are a little worseful wear after 3 years, I bought a new set but they have a tighter wrist fitment and are a pain in the ass to take on/off for short trips. (great glove though)
  19. Hey guys, sorry to bump the thread (saves making new one). When I get my bike / helmet, I'll probably pick up a pair of gloves too. Just wondering what your thoughts were ?
    From what I'm reading, R-Jays are terrible ? even for gloves ?
    My brother picked up his 1st pair a couple weeks ago, the Dririder Air Ride...thoughts ? I was planing on picking up the same pair (within my price for 1st pair of commute summer gloves), though recommendations would be great :).
    Was looking at around $50ish for gloves


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  20. I have RJays Icelord winter gloves, they seem very good so far.
    My winter jacket and pants are also RJays (Explorer II)and have been great.
    My boots are RJays Tour AM and again they've been great.
    I'm not sure who is telling you RJays are no good, but I'm yet to see a reason for such complaints.