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How is this LAMS? - i call B.S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by davway, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. i keep hearing report of lams GSXR's and CBR's that have been enginnered??

    frame is also pre 1989 meaning it doesnt have to comply with ADR.

    Intresting bike.
  2. sure is mate. how do i know? its my bike ;)

    its got LAM on the rego label

    ive got the leter from vicroads advising that it has been approved as a LAM bike.

    ive been to vicroads and they say its lams

    been pulled over a few times and the cops are happy with it

    call bullshit all you like mate

    its lams in ACT and perhaps somone did the whole write a letter to vicroads and ask for it to be added to the lams list as you can on the basis of it being lams in another state.

    and yes i realise it says sub 660cc so it may be a mistake or loophole but that dosent mean that its not lams as far as vicroads or vicpol are concerned :biker:
  3. btw. its engine,ecu ect is DR800SM with a 750 frame and running gear.

    and yeah its interesting...apparently it caused the cracks in the burnley tunnel

  4. oh and i think its a bit more than pre 1989 for the ADR's because ive had to do plenty of work to meet ADR compliancy myself let alone the work of previous owners.

    but the frame mods and chroming ect and engine conversion is all engineered so im not sure if this made a difference, but hey what do i know, nom nom nom
  5. Haha, PWN3D! :LOL:
  6. +1

    I also had 2 molars removed from my mouth when Ben went past in the Burnley tunnel.

    I wish i had the kesh, I love this bike.
  7. Yeah i knew this was your bike, i saw it on there. Love that front end.

    And WHAT a lams bike that would be..
  8. hehehe its not everyones cup of tea, but some sick twisted individuals like it ;)

    its a tough time to sell at the moment with the "recession" lol

    so thanks for the free plugs guys. im only getting rid of it so i dont go broke in switzerland

  9. +1 :LOL:
  10. Poor OP, he can run but he can't hide :p

    All the best with the sale
  11. So in this case LAMS stand for Loud, Absurd, Mind-blowing and Speedy, I take it :rofl:.
  12. why does this thread smack of viral advertising?
    Can the ebay link be removed please?
  13. To be fair to slick, he didn't bring it up, though....
  14. cheers paul.

    ...whatchu talking bout smee. :?

    im not plying my wares.

    someone decided to bring it up (not me)

    and i just defended myself so that no-one who was watching it was missinformed.

    im not trying to sell my bike on NR, just nice to set things straight. :wink:
  15. Yet it's been "bumped" with many posts to get circulation up.
    there's a method to your madness somewhere.

  16. Pre 89 doesn't have to comply with 3rd Edition ADRs.

    Does have to comply with 2nd Edition though, although the 2nd Ed were fairly lax on bikes.
  17. "bumped"? what do you mean?

    no way can this bike be lams. someone clarify it for me?
  18. Slick's a great contributor to netrider and hardly his fault

    Maybe if someone with a handful of posts raised it, and another noob answered it was "his bike" then ya might have a case :wink:

    FWIW, one of the more interesting threads for the weekend :cool:
  19. I know that, read my next post
    I'm just stirring the pot a bit.