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How is this guy holding on to the bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dima, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. It looks like he is not holding onto anything on the bike, except the handlebars.
    How come?

  2. You can sit on a bike when it's upright without even holding the bars.
    Because he is on a lean the G forces are now hitting him from the side, although it would be from the top, he is leaning into it. His chest and the side of his body are against the tank and fairing, and the G forces are squashing him into it.
    His right (outside) leg is planted on the peg, as you can see from his knee and leg being higher than the seat or tank bottom.
    He's winding on the throttle so not much grip there, and I would say there is very little input on his left hand as he looks to be coming out of the corner.
    He is still off the side so the bike can be stood up a little and get more traction, whilst still completing the corner.
    Remember your hands only initiate a turn. Your body and throttle complete it.
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  3. He's got five points of contact, chest, both feet, inner right thigh, right leg/arse & right arm. Plus hands, but they're not doing much.


  4. He's an alien and he's using The Force.
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  5. stirrups and frame mounted rectum pole on a spring
  6. [​IMG]

    this is too cool...
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  7. He's not holding on..............he's humping
  8. Through years of training at a distant shaolin monastery he has learned to hold on to the bike using only his scrotum. Work out for yourself how the lady riders manage the same feat.
  9. The sucking "frog" technique.....?
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  10. Lady riders manage it by the laws of physics surrounding suction, but not like you think.

  11. Watch this.
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  12. Cos they are like black holes and just keep sucking until nothing is left...?
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  13. That is either a monumentally GREAT time or a monumentally BAD time..........

    Event Horizon.........
  14. I love the G spot...I mean force! :p
  15. He's dangling off it.

    Like bait...
  16. Stoner is the best proponent of this. His style is almost a polar opposite of Doohan.
    Doohan used to use his lower body (bum and thigh) to get the centre of gravity down.

    Stoner clings more to the bike with his legs while he pushes his elbows and upper torso lower. This seems to have been adopted by the MotoGP paddock as the way to go.

    Plus there's the whole leg down dirt bike style to wash off speed , set balance point and introduce drag that Rossi started.

    The lesson I guess is that at any time if your hands and arms are looked to the bars then you're riding it wrong.
  17. To me it looks like he has more contact with his bike than I have with mine. Granted he's leaning sideways but looks like he's hugging the tank.