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How is the best way to get old bug juice off the screen ???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by syd rs125, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Hey guys my bike was bought second hand and cosmetically it isn't in the best condition!
    just woundering if there is any product or anyway to remove what i think is acid damage from old bugs splattered on the screen? Tried washing and scrubbing.
    And also small scratches in the fairing anything you can do about that besides sanding and painting??

  2. What products did you try?

    I spray Plexus on, leave it for 20 minutes to soak into the bugs then wipe
  3. Plastic polish.. the right ones.
  4. Plexus is a GREAT invention!
    I use it on my screen, my visor, my helmet and my boat windscreen.
    I even keep a tiny pocket size spraytube under my seat.
  5. 1 Hot soapy water.
    2 can't remember the name its some basic stuff meant for all plastics not used with water just spray on wipe off stuff.

    it's no problem getting bugs off just the acid crap that has slightly eaten into the plastic.
  6. Ok i will try some of that Plexus stuff.
    Will i find it in MCA ??
  7. the simplest is spray Mr Sheen all over, leave for 10 mins, then gently wipe off with soapy water, they come off easy.
  8. Yep, I've been usin' Mr sheen for decades and it works great on just about everything...cept seats, hand grips, brake disks and tyre tread biggrin.
  9. I use Meguiares paint cleaner on the screens. Its a very very light cutter and gets ride of swirls and scratches. It will certainly remove the old bug splatters. Then if you give it a polish with a wax it will always be easy to keep clean.. :grin:
  10. Ok just used Plexus and although it made my bike look a million bucks it didn't get rid of the acid damage on the screen.
    I'll give Meguiares paint cleaner a crack where can i get it from Blue14?
    and can i use it on my fairing where i have scratches?
  11. if the damage to the screen has caused residual pitting in the surface, no amount of detergents/magic cleaners will fix it.
    you need to buff it out, with a million types of sandpaper and then 3 million types of polish.
    i'd just replace the screen :!:

    toothpaste is a fairly gentle minor-abrasive and may buff it out.
  12. didn't think of toothpaste i'll try that and a few other things and if i can't fix it i will get that double bubble screen i wanted anyway! cheers thanks guys.
  13. You can get it from auto stores, even kmart has it.. If you use it on your paint you must then make sure you polish it. The cleaner is step 1 and then there is the polish being step 2. The cleaner takes off all the waxes etc as well, hence why you need to polish / wax after..
  14. Ok i'll have a look around for some.
  15. This is a topic I've been wondering about for months, after doing some searches on 'Meguiars plastic polish', stumbled across this......


    Which is exactly what i've been looking for. Might be what you're after too.
    I use Plexus and it's great, but I've been looking for an answer for when things have gone waaay past that point.
    I have an old visor I'll practice on first, then once I'm confident, the headlights and the screen are going to a touch up.

    This link might come in handy too....


    Thanks Pauly for the lead on Meguiars, that's the best one yet.

    cheers Scheff
  16. Try a wet cloth. Leave it sit for a while. Just like your dishes, soaking bugs in water softens them up a bit. ;)
  17. Hey no probs Steve, i swear by meguiars products, have used them for probably 15 years i would say.. Never had a problem as yet..
  18. I use shell helmet & visor cleaner spray it on and the bugs come off with little effort even the resinated ones that get cooked on by the headlight.
  19. Mr Sheen
  20. Excuse but where can ya get this aircraft grade plastic cleaner stuff called plexus?