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How is handlebar centre width measured?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by adisankhiyan, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Hello Riders

    I wanted to replace the current stock bars of my VTR 250 with one's that allow me to add endbar mirrors to the handlebars.
    The space it takes to fit the handlebar to the bike is around 4 inches. I'm checking out a lot of handlebars over the internet, which is just exhausting.
    My confusion is, if the product discription says that the centre width is 5 inches would that be enough for the fitting or that 5 inches is included the bar bent and not enough for the fitting. This is my first mod, so don't really know about anyhting.


  2. Have a look at the Renthal site,they have dimensioned pics. There is a far bit of wiggle room, no exact sharp delineation of where the bend curve starts and finishes. The centre fixing bit is usual very similar on all bars so they fit most applications. Why cannot you fit bar ends to your existing bars. Are they plugged. Have a look at your switch blocks to see if they are pegged and don't rotate around your bars when loosened or even worse,the wiring runs into and through the bar.Its not often that you cannot fit bar ends to any bar,stock or not.There are a couple of exceptions to this but there not usual.The only reason why you should replace the bars is if you want to change there shape for style or mainly comfort.
  3. Riders previously have had problems with it, the bar ends of a VTR 250 are spot welded into the bar, I tried drilling them out but replacing the bar itself looked easier


    I also pushed my handlebar a bit down and it felt better than the normal postioning, so I guess i'm getting handlebar with lower rise.

    So I don't need to worry about the centre width as long as it's more than 4 inches then?
  4. Most centre sections are the same, so I have seen solid alloy drag bars and Laverda bars have an internal seam that needs clearing out but welded bar ends I have never seen .One thing to watch out for is having tank clearance at full lock and enough length to fit the clutch and brake purchs and switch gear. Can be a issue with Monsters.Have a look on The Renthal site as I said,most of the MCA shops have a few in stock. Less rise helps with wind blast and feels sportier
  5. I did, they ask for your specific motorbike, but they don't have VTR 250 on their list. I just went on ebay and chose a generic drag bar that I'm gonna buy.
  6. I like a little rise, flat type drags I didn't get on well with.
  7. Forgot to add make sure there 7/8 of an inch or 22mm. Anything Harley is 25mm or 1 inch thick
  8. Yup, made sure of that.
    Mine will not be a flat drag bar either. This is What I'm getting