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How is Canberra for motorbiking and such?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ChiggenWingz, May 3, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone. I’m going to be shipping off to Canberra in the coming days, and I’d like to know what people think of the community up there. What are the good roads, the hang out places, where the good mechanics are, if there are any bike shops that sell good bikes, etc.

    I’ve only been up there once to have a look around during my interview, and I found what appeared to be a fun little road called “Paddys River Roadâ€. Do a lot of riders use that road?

    Is there any regular get togethers?

    What sort of things should I be worried about when riding? Someone mentioned black ice in the city which has me a bit worried. :shock:

    Are the police nicer to deal with up there, compared to Melbourne?

    Does anyone want a flatmate/housemate to help pay the excessively overpriced rental fees?

    Tell me about Canberra in all its biking glory so I can have solace knowing I’m not moving to the middle of nowhere :?
  2. lots of roundabouts. a crap casino. pretty good roads from memory, but I was caging when I was there last.
    canberra IMO is very much arse. what a boring nightlife.
  3. Bike shops are on Newcastle St in Fyshwick or in Mitchell. The roads everywhere on the whole are good, lots of roundabouts to hoon around.

    Yeah, Paddy's is OK, the usually run is Uriarra Rd-Brindabella Rd-Cotter Rd-Paddy's River Rd-Point Hut Rd then back to Drakeford Dr/Tuggers Pkwy for the run home.


    Never seen black ice, some roads can build a lot of standing water during rain which makes things interesting on 2 wheels or 4. If you see a car with blue plates that start with DC or DX, avoid them like the plaque.

    The cops don't really do much road patrol here, so speed away. Just watch out for white Merc vans, they have speed cameras in them
  4. Well I take it that you got the job after all. Congratulations!
    How soon before you start bike shopping for your new ride? :grin:
  5. Not a bad little community down here in the capital territory. The roads are damn good if you ask me compared to NSW and the likes.

    There are some nice roads to trip around on, as 2ndclass said the cotter is a regular scene, but you also have access to some nice roads towards the coast and around the alpine areas :grin:

    There are some good mechanics around the area when you see past the corporate places, Action etc. I've just been sussing out the workshops and such through word of mouth and have been given some insight to the ones that'll do a decent job. Getting my tyres done at TJ's, they seem really helpful and not overpriced ethier. (was put onto them by ricecooker (she rides like a girl) :grin: )

    See you down here soon, if your keen for a ride when you arrive drop us a line.
  6. the casino is crap, but i always win when i go there, and civic is ok nightlife wise. many of the streets are wide and traffic fairly sane. its fun to ride in because the less stress of fewer drivers, but at the same time i dont know about anywhere really fun to go like the old road up here (sydney)
  7. Riding in Canberra's mornings is really beautiful, large roads, clean air, strong light.

    I would think twice before you speed away. A number of fixed speed cameras and four or five speed vans make sure that the ACT Government gets million of dollars from fines every year. However, you'll learn where the fixed cameras are, and the vans always tend to stop in the same places. Stay away for the cops on bikes.

    In terms of a good motor mechanic, I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce Motorcycles in Mitchell. Last year unfortunately I experienced a motomechanic odyssey to fix my former bike, which had a problem with flooded carbies. One of the biggest and more estabished motorcycle places told me the bike needed a new engine ($170 to tell me), so I took it to a guy supposed to be a backyard wiz. After six weeks he could no fix the bike. This guy changed the head gasket and after that he did not know how to put back cams & carbs. I practically took the bike with the tank & engine head in a box to Bruce, and he got it back in shape.

    In terms of the weather, riding in the period May to September will be cold if you don't wear good gear - gloves, boots, good quality jacket, riding pants, neck warmer. For the rest of the year gloves and jacket are enough. Full face helmet, of course, especially in winter!

    There is a group of Netriders in the ACT meeting once a month(?). Check the Other State Ride and Announcements section for the ACT on Netrider to find out.

    Canberra is a great place to live in. Like Sydney, Melbourne or Alice Springs it has good and bad things going for it. It is up to you to decide what you want.
    Best of luck & welcome in the ACT!

  8. Congratulations o ngetting the position.

    Does that mean the gorgeous little pup/dog will go to a new home now or back to the pound??
  9. Congrats on the job! Does this mean you're going to ride to Canberra with our pack of misfits, or are you heading up sooner/later? :)

    I should introduce you to Rob up there; I'm sure he'd appreciate having someone to ride with. :)
  10. Yep I got the job. Lead Quality Assurance tester :grin:

    The dog I'm currently fostering is going to his new home this weekend, so its going to be sad to see the little bugger go.

    I'm currently shopping around for a new bike, was suppose to take a GSXR1000 K6 for a test ride today, but it started raining just before I filled in the forms.

    I probably won't be going on the big group ride to Canberra as I've yet to sort out details on where I'm living, how I'm getting up there and so on.

    Still undecided if I buy the new bike down here, or up there :?
  11. We've got a few good roads around, as mentioned above :] Cotter, coast run, snowies :grin: Canberra is good! :grin:

    As for regular get togethers, fortnightly coffee nights (this coming Monday right??) and we are trying to get Sunday morning breakfasts up and going, last weekend was the first one followed by a lap of point hut xing - cotter - brindabella road...

    Mechanics, I'd also recommend Bruce's in Mitchell... I've dealt with him ever since ye ole ZZR-250 (2 bikes ago) had carby problems... he's been just awesome to deal with. TJ's in Braddon for tyres and simpler things, Hal runs the show there, he's great to deal with, a top bloke, I'd recommend him any day. Bike shops, probably Action (in Mitchell) is my favourite, and Canberra Motorcycle Centre (because they're kwakas :LOL: ). I've not had a lot to do with the others.

    I've never encountered black ice, though I have heard about it in certain spots (round the back of black mountain apparently???) It's gonna get f#$%ing cold very very soon so make sure you've got some good warm gear! I'd recommend heated hand grips, but apparently that's soft :p

    Let us know when you're down here and we'll get together a ride to show you some of the local roads! :grin:

  12. I'd be up for Sunday breakfasts! Can't meet on monday nights cause of classes.

    Black ice, haven't ever seen it, didn't even see any in Jindabyne when I lived there! Thredbo however....

    Top mechanic at Gecko, ok, he's my mate but he's a champion! Mostly works on Ducatis (must keep him busy :LOL: ) but he's a great mechanic.

    Roads here are very good, the drivers, not so good (or awake half the time!)
  13. There's actually set places where the vans can park, they're not just allowed to go wherever the hell they want.
  14. Don't forget the Kangaroos on the Tuggeranong Parkway :roll:
    Last time I was there we just missed one at 3 in the afternoon.

    Black ice does exist but it's rare - I remeber from many years ago when I lived there. You don't tend to get it in the urban areas or on well travelled roads though - but it can happen. :?
  15. oh you will find they are going just about anywhere now encountered one on horse park drive and guess what? its not on the list
  16. best set of twistie is an hour and a half away but well worth the trip down the snowie highway, sorry sydney guys and girls but i personally think it sh!ts all over the old road but hey thats just me, when theres yellow fog lines you know your going to have fun :grin:

    the cotter loop has a few suspect sections but all round its a great little run, just under 100kms, then theres the short but very fun run up to black mountain tower.

    the mountains are own backyard down here with the clyde around about an hour away, the brown about a hour and a half, the snowy mountain highway just over a hour, and the alpine way an hour and a half

    but locally there is still roads to be ridden, and lots of fun to be had.
    its not a big place so its not hard to ride around and find the roads that will give you abit of excitement
  17. But there are plenty of dentists in Canberra, so you'll be OK.

    (Sorry, mate, I just couldn't resist it :p :LOL:.)

    Canberra as a beautiful city, and riding to work in the middle of winter with the air temp at -7 is one of the great experiences of life, because the day often turns out to have a steel-blue sky and achingly clear air, and there's nowhere cleaner to ride and enjoy the fabulous alps.
  18. Canberra has a lot to offer the motorcyclist.
    People have mentioned the outstanding roads with a short riding distance, but even greater Canberra itself the roads are excellent. Ridiculously smooth pavement, well designed, courteous drivers (on the whole). Big sweeping roundsbouts with excellent visibility on approach and exit (allowing lovely smooth power on flip flops :p ).
    More than enough motorcycle shops around to satisfy any taste and budget.
    The police are no more prevalant than anywhere else I've lived, and are in lesser numbers here as well.
    Clear air, friendly people, nice clean city. Can't comment on the nightlife, grew out of that about 10 years ago, and am reaping the rewards financially! :LOL:
    Fantastic restaraunts abound, plenty of parking on weekends (except teh usual shopping centre crap).
    Canberra is a city you enjoy during the day, plenty of activities to do with regards sports, museums, art, RIDING, RIDING and RIDING!

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I moved here in the later part of last year and love it (also help that I enjoy my work). One of the best sections of local twisties is the last bit of Brindibella Road before it turns to dirt. It's short (about 5km) but what it lacks in quanity it makes up in quality, really good road surface as well though I would advise doing a slow run first off to ensure everything is clear.
  20. Canberra is good for practicing knee drags with all the roundabouts
    there; good for hardcore p0rn. [​IMG]

    Thats about it.

    Have fun. [​IMG]