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How is a jacket meant to fit?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thecptn, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Forgive the newbyish style question, but im kind of confused on how a motorcycle jacket is meant to fit, you see, I went and got me self an rjays supervent II, good jacket me thinks, armour and all, i got it in 2xl, xl simply choked me around the colar, how ever, I noticed that the back of the jacket wasnt tight, kind of made me concerned...when the day comes and I hit the road, that the jacket will slide of a bit exposing me to fast moving ground :( so should I go and exhange it for smaller fit? how is one meant to fit in gereral.


  2. Re: how is a jacket mean to fit?

    Make sure it doesn't
    That day may never come.
    Did you try different jackets? Some fit better than others.
  3. i had a similar problem, purchased a jacket at peter stevens, seemed like a decent fit, got on the bike and the chest had far to much room so it bunched up like i had few pillows tucked under there, i've just sold it on ebay and will be buying a dririder climate control summer jacket that is a much tigher fit, i'll also be crouching over in it when i try it on to see it fits well when i'm in riding position, not just standing up.

    you'd think the PS salesman would of recommended i try crouching over in the jacket when i got it, but no :roll:
  4. Look for a jacket that's got 'poppers' and straps so you can tighten it where you need to, or loosen off to accommodate jumpers or fleeces.
  5. Last time I was in Peter Stevens, I was trying on 2 piece
    suits. Salesman gives me a suit to try on, I think not bad,he reckons
    to big. Brings out a smaller size,after 10 minutes of getting into
    suit,he reckons a smaller size again.
    By this time I feel like I have gone 10 rounds with
    Mike Tyson & I'm in this suit that feels like it has been
    painted on.
    He says to me,thats how a suit should fit.

    Hakin :wink:
  6. Recently went in to Bike Mart & bought a 2-piece wet weather suit. The jacket is 2 sizes bigger than the pants - altho' the smaller size fitted - jumped on a bike in the shop to test riding poition - too tight across the back. Learnt from my leather jacket a good fit whilst standing - does not always equivalate to a comfortable riding fit. Guys were happy for me to do so too :D
  7. I recently bought a 2 piece suit at Stafford Yamaha and they were more than happy for me to sit on a bike test the fit when riding.
  8. Thanks fellas for that advice.
  9. the supervent 2 is an extremely adjustable jacket. If you're worrying about the jacket riding up use the strap at the back of the jacket to attach it to your belt. You want the tightest fit possible with a airmesh jacket, if it's too big the wind will catch it and you'll look like the Michelin man :( But on the other hand a textile jacket won't give as a leather one does, so you need to make sure you have *wiggle* room.
    I always get people to crouch into the riding position on their bike.. they think i'm crazy but they still do it..

    I had a funny customer the other day, a couple from new caledonia, who couldn't speak a word of english and they had an interpreter with them. He couldn't speak much english either! The man ended up trying on a leather suit, and his wife was taking pics of him, then he wanted to try it sitting on a bike, so we went to the showroom and he was sitting on a new r1, still taking photo's. They're talking away to each other in french, and the salespeople and myslef were looking at each other going wtf?
    But he bought boots and pants, and i got him to take a pic of myself and the other sales girl as they took pics of everything else :D
  10. Last time I went to PS I was buying some pants, and the salesman got me to sit on a motorcycle with each pair to make sure it fit right on the bike as well as standing up.
  11. Get a custom fit and stay the same weight. You'll be right. ;)
  12. ROFLOL...
    ... says the guy on the diet. ;)