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How Ironic......

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ZX_Ninja, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. You can get caught speeding whilst a police car is illegally and dangerously parked!!!

    This was taken on the M4 entrance off Homebush bay dr

  2. dude, send this to A Current Affair, or Today Tonight!
  3. Maybe he wanted to stop to enjoy his donuts
  4. Seen cops book people like that in Melbourne.

    They park in the no standing zone behind the no u turn sign and point their camera up towards the people coming down the hill.
  5. ..shite!!.....:shock:
  6. I would rather see a Police car sitting in a highly visible position like that than have them hiding in the bushes to book us. Not to mention that I would rather see more Police cars out on the road than even one more fixed or mobile speed camera.

    BTW, you will find it is legal for the Police to park in such locations, and it isn't particularly dangerous. Maybe a little distracting, and it could cause speeding motorists to brake hard, but otherwise innocuous.
  7. Not dangerous......you are kidding right?
  8. Agreed on my police presence however I still find it Ironic that they can use methods which are otherwise illegal to us to capture speeding motorists. The RTA states those white lines are the same as a concreted blockade, you are not allowed to stop there. My understanding is that unless a police car has its lights on, it is to follow standard road rules and regulations like all other vehicles.
  9. The front of his car was just off the line, all it takes is one truck to misjudge or become distracted!

    PS, if you park there, you will be booked for stopping in a no parking area as it is deemed "dangerous" to stop on a freeway.
  10. maybe they were hidden on the backseat doing a bit of hanky panky! :smileysex:
  11. ............
  12. ROFL :) ... citizens arrest for indecent exposure [-(
  13. Ha... I dont know which one is worse > Souleye – whose real name is Mario Treatway!

    .. and I had no idea she had decent jug's!

    Now .. what was this topic about?
  14. how long was the car sitting there for?

    perhaps there was an incident before you showed up and took the snap...

    who knows? a picture can tell a thousand lies, as well.
  15. Nope. Not at all. If I was riding or driving down the freeway in the left lane, once I had noted that the police car wasn't moving, I would dismiss it from my mind as any sort of threat. If the Police car started rolling forward though I would be looking to move into the next lane, or be on the horn immediately.

    Seeing Joe Public parked there would be an entirely different story. Joe Public can't be trusted to do the expected thing at all.

    Actually truck drivers are the least likely to misjudge and clip the nose of the car. They are, on the whole, better drivers than most people. Most other drivers also also manage to stay within their lane, when they are sober, awake, and taking notice. A police car sitting in full view tends to wake people up and make them take notice.

    Folks, we always say we want the Police to stop using sneaky tactics and cameras against us, to be more visible and to police bad driving habits, rather than concentrating on speed, or especially on motorcycles. I would welcome seeing a Police car sitting in plain sight on the freeway like that. Some of the idiot drivers may behave themselves for a few minutes afterwards.
  16. When the police use sneaky tactics or dangerous tactics, nobody is obliged to pat them on the back for one of them.

    If you want to park out in the middle of the road like that - not figuratively either, that IS the middle of the road - then they need to put out some high-vis traffic cones out least, as you would with roadworks that are close to, or on, the road.
  17. Agreed, I have no problem with police showing presence, in fact, it is the only way to lower speeding - they are much more effective than fixed speed camera's ... however, they should do so in a legal fashion following and demonstrating the rules and regulations set out by the authorities.