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How *%&$ing cold is it this morning?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Bike was covered in ice when i got up this morning, so thick i couldnt brush it off with my thickly gloved hands... I was running late, so I just threw on my wets and jumped on... and almost slid off!!
    She started up just fine (go the kawa!), and i headed off.
    The white lines outside my place were wet and slipery. There was a puddle of water, which I narurally didnt see and rode through, giving myself a wonderfully freezing start to the ride...
    The entire ride, Im slipping all over the bike. My wets are entirely synthetic with no grip whatsoever so even though Ive got the tightest grip i can, my knees are still slipping all over the place and so is my arse.
    I get to the railway lines and wait for the train to pass, take off and then this motherfcuking car just pulls out without looking, so i beep and give him the finger and split to the front....
    I'm sitting at these lights wating for it to change wondering why there is so much steam around me... then I realise the ice covering my bike is melting :rofl:
    Chat to the cyclist about the weather and the moron who came inches close to taking me out, then the lights change and we are off again.
    Meri parade, im stuck behind a bus so cant have any fun, but the road is all wet so I wouldnt anyway :(
    Get to the tram tracks, I aproach with aprehension... Just as predicted the back wheel loses grip and slides out a bit. but me being so fabulous save it and head down the driveway to work.
    Pull up and there is still shitloads of frost on the pillion seat :shock:

    so anyway, im getting MY bike back very soon, and its an uh, experienced bike (1992 model) so I'm really worried that its not going to start in the mornings :(
  2. 3 degrees at 8am :shock:
  3. lol, I was going to make a post like this earlier, but it was to cold to type !!! :grin: :grin:

    Also helps when your house mate leaves his lights on all day, then drags you out of a very comfortable bed at 6:15 to jump start his car for him !!!
  4. currently -0.2 degrees at Moorabbin Airport.

    Coldstream is -4.0
  5. Sounds like an interesting morning Eswen :shock:
  6. Yarrawonga / Mulwala

    Temperature 4.6°C - Feels Like 1.9°C

    Frost almost gone, sun is shinning, blue sky, hubby has day off ... hitting the shower then we outta here :LOL: have a nice day @ work all :p
  7. Bloody sooks!
  8. Get some of that gripper seat material that the trail bikes use on their seats sewn into your wet weather duds.
    And get a bike cover!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I've really got to get a pair of winter gloves. I lost feeling in my fingers about 10 minutes into this morning's ride.. :?

    Still, an hour and 10 from home into the City isn't a bad run (78km's). Even most of the cars on the Monash moved over so I could 'filter' easier (even Mr Plod moved over! :shock: :grin: )
  10. Lovely ride for your birthday, eswen :LOL:

    Throw a cover over the seat if you think it's going to frost overnight; it's hazardous enough riding in the cold without sliding all over the seat as well......
  11. They say you are an Ice Queen Eswen - I don't think that's true :LOL: :LOL:
    (with apologies to Pauls favourite songwriter)

    Happy Birthday...
  12. Get a sheepskin seat cover :p :oops:

    you don't see sheep sliding everywhere do you :LOL:
  13. Get some gang nails and araldite them on the seat, flat side down.
  14. Yeah about same time for me but I came up Nepean Hwy, it looked like a white xmas on the way up.

    I got some cheapo poly under gloves from a snowboard shop in town, they are bloody fantastic. Hands were a bit cold this morning but not bad at all $10.

    Shop is on I think Swanston St but can probably pick them up anywhere.
  15. ice on my poor lil bike too :cry: I forgot the cover, again.

    Yes, it was cold, but left hand heater works and new leathers heaps warmer then old ones, so kinda ok.

    Then some dingbat down sydney rd made my life too interesting by using his car ( a common technique for the mongbots of melbourne).

    Ends up with me squeezed between cars riding ALONG THE FREAKIN TRAM TRACK. As in actually along one of the rails, no where else to go.

    This felt really great, just great, loved it. No really. Ok so it was totally crap.

    however it did occur to me that as i was squeezed so close, I would prob just fall to about 45 degrees and then be leaning against a car and be able to stand it up again :grin:

    So in true grown up style I gave his mirror a mighty bash when I split past him next time. his expression was priceless :grin: Dumb prick was bopping away to his lame arse tunes, had no idea what he'd done.
  16. -1 when I came past the temp sign outside the Abruzzo Club in Lygon St this morning.

    Pretty comfortable though since I'm riding my brother's R100RS with the full fairing that traps all the engine heat behind it... :LOL:

    And it's a big white BMW so all the morons notice it... :LOL: :LOL:

  17. Both our cars were covered in ice this morning. Twas definitely a bit nippy!
  18. yes it was quite chilly this morning.
  19. Melbourne, frankston.

    I had my windsecreen wipers on intermittent just to keep the ice from reforming on my windscreen...

  20. -2.5 @6:00 in Kyneton.

    just glad i don't have to ride in these tempetaures.