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How Important is Your Privacy/Personal Details to You??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nakkas, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Couldnt Care Less

  2. Haven't Thought About It Before

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  3. Very Important

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  1. You do make some very good points in this post, but a lot of this is paranoia.

    Yes after hours of scouring my name over the net and joining up forums you may have been able to narrow down to where my parents live, by triangulating various pics or whatever. But just what will you do with the information? Show up to my parents house and steal their fully insured cars? I can't see any advantage in robbing my parents house over any other houses. At least not over the net.

    At very best you could maybe find my mobile number, but who cares?

    I still am an anonymous face on the other side of the net. Yeah you may have dug up some pictures of me, but they're all over the net. I couldn't care less about random people knowing what I look like.

    There's really not much you can do with your information other than terrorise my parents or something equally stupid. If I want the names and addresses of random people, I'll open a phone book.

    As someone fairly liberal with the information I share about myself on the internet, I personally couldn't care too much.

    If my life really is that much up for grabs, so be it. The only potential downside I see is that employers can possibly case me out beforehand, if they can even be bothered.
  2. I've had an internet stalker - It was pretty awesome. He turned up on my door step one day and ended in court.

    People can seriously fcuk with your life if they want to - I know several people that have had to deal with identity theft - It's not all paranoia
  3. Well, I'm using someone elses identity so I have nothing to worry about :p
  4. I'm paranoid, and with good reason. I'm in the witness protection program, i shouldn't even be posting here. But my real name is Chaz, i just use Chef as a cove.......oh sh#t.

    Seriously though, some will listen, some wont. You have my permission to dig up what you can and get back to me. PM me on FB Bro. :wink:
  5. Not a problem mate. I've comprehensively insured my identity with the Hell's Angels Insurance Agency (TM). They have an excellent Dispute Resolution process resulting in a 100% recovery rate, and a Knock for Knock agreement with other insurers. :rofl:
  7. c'mon Kish, you're having a blue with nakkas and this is just an excuse to slag him off more

    and your response to another new Netrider about how he behaved on another forum clearly shows that you are checking up on ALL of us; YOU are a person you are warning us about :evil:.

    give it a rest
  8. Paul,

    It's a worthy warning. Some people in their arrogance assume it doesn't matter what personal details they have available online. Identity theft is only one small aspect you need to worry about.

    Personally I'm more concerned about those people that have enough details online to be identified and located and they like to frequent forums and troll and stir up trouble. If you're going to stir up some shit, be warned that not everyone online is a pencil necked geek keyboard warrior whose only threat to you is name calling on the internet. You're going to piss off the wrong person and they WILL find you and you WILL cop a lot more trouble than you ever anticipated in your sheltered upbringing. Bravado and puffing out your chest online is all well and good if you truly ARE an anonymous face on the internet. Pick your subjects well and if you're going to engage people you don't know, especially on fairly heated topics, you'd be far better off being a little less identifiable...
  9. I'm not discounting that it's a reasonable warning.

    But just because the information IS available doesn't mean that everyone or anyone is going to make inappropriate use of it. I could bore you witless with stories you see on TV of people complaining about being ripped off, or being betrayed by relatives and friends where, in most cases these people are themselves doing to same thing to others, and are ticked off because the biter got bit.

    I'm more concerned about people HERE trolling through information on other Netriders and what use that information may come to :roll:.
  10. Interesting post, I've always been quite intrigued by the amount of personal information people will reveal on various forums and sites like Facebook.

    I mean, you wouldn't walk into the local bar and hand out your personal details to everyone there would you?

    ISCN, I did something similar once, using the info someone posted on a forum. In less than 15 minutes I knew his full name, his date of birth, where he lived, his parent's names and occupations, how many brothers and sisters he had (and their names) and even the name of his f*cking dog! If I had been so inclined, I could have easily managed a neat case of identity theft.

    Mind you, I'm so paranoid I even try to avoid revealing my first name on the internet!
  11. I can't answer that poll over the internet.
  12. :grin: The internet is fun :grin:


    What's that saying about stones and glasshouses? :wink:
  13. Yes... ye 'olde social enginering at its best, I've actually been thinging how easy it might be to actually go and create a full set of ID in someone elses name... all you need is some details...

    Thats why on websites I'll usually never enter more details than i have to sign up, and some aren't even real... for eg. facebook that i've only recently created, all one can see is my email address (apart from several photo's of me that people have 'tagged' me on), and after signing up i actually went though the privacy stuff and checked out who can see what, only my email address is entered and viewable by friends, and i'll only add you if i know you... yeah, i'm talking to you Dan Rotman.. :? whoever you are...
  14. Yep, I'm pretty paranoid about this kind of stuff. I like to think I'm careful when posting and with the info I put up on FB...eg: I don't use my full name (I know some of you will be surprised to learn McFuzzy isn't my real surname :eek: ) Though I think it's easy to become complacent and let your guard down. It pays to be aware.

    I will post pics of myself, but generally not my kids, and I don't post pics that have details that could identify where I live. I've had pics tagged of me that I wouldn't normally post, but I have the privacy settings set so that only I can see tagged pics.

    In the past, I've added people that I have never met, but know them through the NR forum and they seem like OK people (but you can never really know for sure :wink: ).

    If someone wants to steal my ID to rob me blind, they'll be sorely disappointed at my bank balance....they're welcome to pay my bills though.

  15. Alright, let's cut generalisations here and nail this issue and the person who raised it.

    I said Kishy WAS the person he is warning us about. Don't believe me? Read all this thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=57611&start=0

    Plainly Kishy went ferreting around on the 'Net and found out as much as he could about this new Netrider, and then unloaded this information about him ON OUR FORUM, in his first post in the thread. This information had nothing to do with what this person HAD done on Netrider (he was new) or was even likely to do. What right did he have to do this? NONE. The fault is NOT with the person for having that information available; the fault lies with the person who mischievously gathered it and made it public here.

    I rebuked this insertion of irellevant information into Netrider, and strangely, got no response. So I'll repeat it here; I said

    "Kishy you were rude, presumptuous and contemptuous of a new person on this forum. By all means point out decently where breaches of our own Ts&Cs occur, but what happened with this Netrider on another forum was, and is, none of your damned business.

    Here everybody starts with a clean slate, and a welcome. I'd thank you to keep it that way."

    I stand by those words; we do NOT need a secret police, self-appointed, roaming around the internet finding out information about existing members, or new-comers, and posting that information for his own pleasure.

    Kishy, you and I have had some brawls, and mostly agreed, and I have no beef with you as a person, and I'm appreciative of your loyalty to me here on Netrider. But on this issue you are way out of line, and it must stop. I repeat, on the evidence at hand, YOU are the person we should worry about.
  16. Paul, I think most were just answering the question in the context of this thread :wink:

    I'm not getting into this other than to say that anyone sourcing info about Netriders outside of Netrider for sadistic purposes is a bit...ummm...shall we say, ordinary. Not pointing the finger at anybody, just making an observation in my usual non-confrontational way :)
  17. Point taken :oops:, post edited.....

    I mean, the issue, surely, is not whether or not the information is out there, nor about warning people not to do it, but about the people who WILL misuse it.

    It's a bit like saying, "Don't buy a bike, someone might steal it." Well, yes they might, but equally they might not. The concern is that there are people around who will commit crimes, no matter how much, or how little, opportunity that is placed in their path....
  18. Ah, 'tis alright, we all have our moments. I'll edit mine, too, and nobody will ever know :)

    (lol, now it's just really confusing)

    You're right, though. We need to have enough trust in our fellow human beings that we can go about our lives without fear of being stalked, harassed, incriminated, outed or whatever.

    Let's take the phone book for example. Need a number, look it up. However, anyone can open the phone book and see your number and address, if they have your surname, and turn up on your doorstep. Or, hey, let's just randomly select someone and stalk them!

    I mean, someone could take a fancy to you at the supermarket and follow you home, but you still go and buy groceries. The difference is you don't invite them to follow you and then make them a cup of tea. I guess it's about making sensible decisions, being conscious of how you go about your business and hoping people are going to do right by you.
  19. Kish, how easy is it to get a copy of a birth certificate of someone you're trying to steal the identity of with only their name and birthdate? Surely you have to present to the register office with 100 pts of ID?

    I guess most of us who aren't celubrities or important rely on the reality that they're not important enough to be pursued by real ID theft crims with the smarts to crack into banks and the like.

    I'd be more worried about my credit card being abused, but to that end I have a low limit, or cyber stalking...
  20. Identity theft is not really about abusing your credit card..its about stealing your whole identity and using that to commit fraud (for eg apply for a new bank loan or credit card without u knowing about it and then defaulting on it or even worse use it for criminal activities). The problem in these cases is that you'd never know about it until years later and by then itd be a nightmare trying to prove your innocence.