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NSW How illegal are fender eliminators?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by aerodynamic, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. As tittle says.

    What do that have to have, to be legal?

    Plate, lights, reflector, etc etc.

    Thanks in advance :D
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  2. Check out ADR requirements.
  3. is this going to turn into another "just a little bit pregnant" thread?
  4. It's probably a complicated mathematical equation that relates to how illegal tinted visors are....

    Search the fender eliminator threads here, I think someone posted something a while ago and the main issue seemed to be a mudguard that covered up to 45' in either direction from vertical above the axle. (Though I could be very wrong).
    There were also requirements for
    - A reflector
    - Number plate light
    - Indicators (set a minimum distance apart)
    - Brake lights
    - Angle of number plate?

    All that said, they seem nearly as common as tinted visors.
  5. does anyone know someone who has been picked up / ticketed for having an elimanator mod done?
  6. i have a fender eliminator and intergrated tail light with indicators in them. had plenty of police behind me and they have never said a word.
  7. My understanding is that they are all, technically, illegal.

    However, it is also, technically, illegal to use any tinted visor.

    It's even technically illegal to drive a car without mudflaps (I believe).

    It's one of the many things that are illegal but never even looked at. I know plenty of people with FE's. None have ever been done for it, even if pulled over.

    I ride with a tinted visor, and I drive a car without mudflaps too.

    There probably isn't a car on the road that couldn't be defected for SOMETHING if the cop really wants to. Even brand new from the dealer.
  8. a fair fair few years ago when the chapel street car park was full of hooligans we saw a guy with a brand new Audi being a hero when the police were trying to shoo him away... he was being a smart ass saying what are you going to do??? canary me??? for what and started laughing...

    Well the cop didnt seem to give a shit and said you have a broken headlight and used his mag torch to smash it.. put a defective sticker on it and made the guy get it towed home...

    i dont think they would waste their time on canarying a fender eliminator unless it had sharp edges that would cut someone.. but if your a smartass then i could be wrong.
  9. over here in WA, the cops are going mad giving out vehicle work orders (yellow stickers over here) to anyone who has a fender eliminator. Its pathetic.
  10. The big thing that will get you in to trouble for having one is mounting your plate on an angle. Like I said, no one I know has gotten in trouble for.

    But almost every internet post I've seen of someone getting busted for one, they have posted a photo, and the FE is bent upwards so that the plate is close to horizontal, or at the least, 45 deg upwards.

    stand 20 meters behind your bike. go 10 meters to your left or right. If it is difficult to read at all, your asking for trouble.
  11. my plate is bent at 45 deg, thats how it came in the box, had a copper (car) coming the opposite way on bells line, chucked a u turn and followed me for 10k's, didnt pull me over, im guessing u would have more chance of getting questioned by a motorcycle cop as he knows what to look for..
    so im just waiting for the day to say sorry officer, i was dumb and stupid and i didnt know, i want my mummy :grin:
  12. something i'm curious about
    having just installed one myself
    i want to tell my insurance company - yay? nay?

    i hear they are cool with having them installed, just won't pay out the cost of them if you have a write off
    is that about right?

  13. Is this statement based upon Chinese whispers or is there some merit behind it?
  14. pisses me off though, little things like this they can ping you, all about money raising, how bout making ATGATT a law, something thats worth while
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  15. I know people who had 4wds defected for lack of mudflaps.

    Depends on attitude on both sides of the thin blue line...
  16. +1 to jaymz.
    it's all technically illegal but as long as you can read it clearly you probably won't get it trouble.
    That being said, i have seen a mc cop who didn't like the angle of one on an r1 and watched him as he just bent it with his hands til is was closer to vertical :eek: MC cop just told the rider he was lucky not to get canaried. :roll:
  17. Here in SA I've been hearing stories of the police conducting regular blitzes on popular motorcycling routes through the Adelaide Hills during summer, most often consisting of helmet, licensing and roadworthiness checks.

    Apparently they're being quite strict and inflexible about it - all bikes with fender eliminators have been receiving "canaries" or an express ticket to Regency Park Inspection Centre. I've even heard of one case where a guy on an older model bike was wrongly defected for supposedly having a fender eliminator when his model of bike was actually manufactured without having a fender which meets ADR requirements.

    The excuse that the cops are supposedly giving when issuing a canary for having a Fender Eliminator is that it's supposedly an illegal structural modification which contravenes ADR requirements. However, my mate who is an experienced mechanic disputes this, saying that the relevant ADR regulation is based on outdated information and that it doesn't meet the definition of a "structural modification", but rather a cosmetic one.

    He thinks it's just blatant revenue raising gone wrong!


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  18. The structural thing sounds BS to me, its about the people behind you collecting stones in their face.

    my bike looks stock with a FE cuz its a gpx and the wheel hides up under the seat even when your not sitting on it so the cops ignore me.

    but more sporty bikes have the wheel very exposed, longer huggers might be the answer.
  19. Fender or no fender ya still gunna cop a face full of stones, have followed bikes with FE's and stock fenders and it doesnt make an ounce of difference.

    Some cops up here have a hard on for FE's namely 1 arse head MC cop that loves Mt Glorious here in Brisbane, problem we have is he can either defect your bike fine around $100 and 1 point or book you under our "hooning" laws which means a day in court and if ya caught again under hooning laws ya bike gets confisacted.

    For example my old CBR had the intergrated turn/tail light and FE, got pulled over for a random license/breath test on (Mt Glorious) cop goes straight for the FE asks me where it is, I say it fell off (being a smart arse) tells me to fix it, but takes no notice of the lack of visable indicators and Jardine race exhaust :roll:

    and then starts on a mate for his fender on his R6 with stock fender, it took a another officer to tell him that, that is the stock R6 fender before he would shut up about it.

    Just comes down to the cop on the day.

    but to answer your question Yes they are illegal.
  20. ^^^ THIS
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