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How hot should my computer NOT be?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. I've been having some spontaneous re-boots on my new computer system, so I just went into the BIOS and checked that hardware side of things, and found the CPU is running at 64 degrees celsius, and the MOBO at 45 degrees. Is this normal???

  2. yes, its normal.
  3. Paul there are temp values for chips towards the bottom of THIS page.
  4. Thank you for that kind folks; looks like my system is normal in that area, must look elsewhere for the solution.
  5. Paul, it's because you are hot. Your Lovely Wife told me to say that.
  6. Could be alot of things, does it just reboot or does it hang (freeze) or blue screen first?

    RAM is a main cause in my experience there a RAM checking programs out there.

    Power supply (psu) issues - Is the fan in the psu spinning, does it feel rediculously hot?

    Could be software - does it reboot only when you have a certain app open.

    Are all power cables secure in the case?
  7. No blue screens, and I don't even have to be doing anything; just click, reboot. The system is virtually new and I have reinstalled everything twice so far looking for a software fix.

    I was thinking RAM too, might pull the chips and re-seat them in a different order.

    It is dimming my faith in AMD, I must say, I've always been an INTEL man and never had these sorts of problems :(.
  8. try checking the event log to see if its a software issue.

    Could be ram as said above, do you have some spare ram you can chuck in to test ?

    Are you running a video card with a fan ? Check to see if the fan on that is still running. Also there might be other chips on your motherboard with fans on them, check to see if these are running.

    That doesnt seem too hot to me, but who know it may be an older chip that needed to be cooler.
  9. Additonal to the above advice, d'load an AMD overclock/tuner/monitor proggy to keep an eye on the temps anyway. You may also have an alarm option in your BIOS that you can enable when the temp hits a specific number. On first read it did seem like it was shutting down as if temp was the issue, heatsink and paste in good order ? I echo the above regarding fans on boards and PSU's, check and dbbl check. Video card may be the issue too, swap with a spare ?
  10. Machine is, as I said, pretty new, all parts.

    Since the temp (as per above) seems to be normal, I guess the problem is elsewhere; the video is on-board, by the way, so no fan, I suspect.

    I have downloaded a memory test porgramme so I'll let it run overnight and see what it tells me tomorrow.
  11. Or it could simple be hot.
    After all it is a hot day.
    Pull the panels off, if need be get a fan & have it oscillating around the pc

    Could also look into getting another power supply with better fan.
  12. Check heatsink and cleanout any dust with a clean paint brush, could be thermal paste of the cpu not even.
  13. In my experience, about half of all spontaneous reboot problems can be tracked down to a faulty power supply. What brand is the power supply in your computer?

    Most of the rest of the time it's due to a bad motherboard, or memory, most often caused by some hamfisted fool not properly grounding themselves from static when installing electronics. Many static discharge issues won't blatantly kill electronics, just make them not work properly/crash. Sometimes the issue won't rear its head until some weeks after installation.

    About 5% of the time it'll be due to thermal issues, typically that of the power mosfets (the black typically square-shaped devices surrounding the CPU socket). The power transistors reach critical thermal runaway resistance levels and fail to deliver the CPU stable power, the CPU trips an internal flag, and causes the computer to reboot. Increasing case air-flow typically solves this issue. A quick test is to open the side of the case and point a house-fan into the case, and see if the restarts still occur. If they don't, it was a thermal issue due to poor case ventilation.
  14. The power supply says it's a Sun-Pro ATX550W, and like the case and everything else, it's new (as at late November).

    The fan on the power supply is working, and so is the fan on top of the CPU.

    The RAM chip is a single DDR-2 2gb module.
  15. If it catches fire, it was a little too hot.
  16. Well, I have moved an extinguisher into the room just in case, and I may NOT run the memory test overnight :LOL:.
  17. Yeah, random reboots, no BSOD seems very much a PSU drop... however normally it would stay off altogether... :?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I've not once used a static strap to ground myself, but usually try to touch the PC before anything else, and I've never fried a thing... Twas funny cos we were having the discussion at work the other day.

    If a PC gets too hot, on any modern PC, the motherboard will get a shutdown event, not so much a reboot event, and when it does its because its made a logical decision... I've felt power mosfets get hotter than my finger can stand and still not cause any shutdown issue, but you're right, an open case with pedestal fan directed into it will test that.

    A while ago I was having random shutdowns, and couldn't place my finger on it, till I felt my PSU. I had diagnosed that the fan wasn't getting enough juice to startup (a thermally controlled 120mm fan in an Antec PSU ), so I opened it up and hard-wired it into the 5V rail... not shutdown on me since. :grin:
  18. Sounds like a generic POS crap PSU brand. >95% confident that it's a Power Supply issue. It probably came with the case, and despite being rated for 550W, in reality will be lucky to be capable of supplying more than 100W without excessive noise on the voltage rails (which is what causes the random reboots).

    Go find yourself a nice Seasonic, SilverStone, Sparkle, or in a dire pinch, Enermax or Antec brand PSU, and your problems will likely go away.
  19. Well, I did buy the thing new (but cheap) on eBay so it might well have been built to a price, not a standard. I shall pursue a new PSU in the morning.....
  20. LOL jeeez FLUX did i not basically say that but only in plain simple english :p