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How hot at your place, work or home?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brian26146, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Just had a look at our themometer outside, (in the shade) it is 106 F in the old language and 46 c in the new language.

    Wind fairly strong from the west-n/west.

    In the lounge it is 26 c or about 72 F. Lovely.
  2. Currently @ work in Camberwell and inside it's approx 19 c.

    Edit: Have no idea how hot it is outside...been inside @ work all day :twisted:
  3. Ducted air conditioning, 26c and because we're near the water, we'll probably get a cool breeze later.
    Was hot in Sydney earlier when I went up to MCAS to buy the jacket.....
  4. So take off all your clothes...

    I am gettin' so hot, I'm gonna get me geeeear orf

    /Always liked the idea of an Ocker version of that tune.
  5. hmmmm never far from nyudity........ :LOL:
    I'm going to put on my vented jacket, and practice my Power Ranger moves :grin:
  6. Its 25 degrees with the aircon on here.
    It was a little warmer when I went out to check out a BMW Vent Machine Jacket earlier in the day. The System 5 Helmet was also interesting...
  7. WAS in air conditioned comfort at work but finished early and am NOW sittin in my boxers sweltering
  8. Thermometer says 30 in the house, work is whatever hospitals think patients are comfortable at and its usually nice and cool :grin:
  9. 39 outside, 24 inside, 120 in the Gorge Foreman
  10. [Work] 21 degrees inside. Up to 47 degs outside (power station boiler houses and turbine rooms tend to get like that on hot days...).

    [Home] 36 degs outside. About 28 inside. Hard to tell without an accurate thermometer. Being nightshift, I slept terribly.

    According to our instrumentation it peaked at 37.4 degs at 1748hrs with a 22% humidity. Current ambient is 32 degs and 34% humidity. Starting to cool off fairly quickly. Overnight it dropped down to 22 degs here.
  11. Hit 41.3C outside today, 37.8C inside. No aircond, gosh it was hot!!!
  12. its been hitting 55 celcius fairly regularly the last week or so in the kitchen i work in

    30-36 outside

    25-30 inside at home
  13. I to work in a kitchen not fun
  14. Aircon at work set on 19 deg.. at home have evap coolong, comfortable, but next house going to put in central refridge aircon..
  15. We've got the air conditioner pumping flat out at home.

    At one end of the house, it's about 24 deg. At the other end (where my study is :( ) it's 32.

    ...and www.bom.gov.au forecasts 42 for Melbourne tomorrow.

    Hot stuff!

  16. Too damn hot, took the car out for a drive to nowhere in particular for the sole reason that it has airconditioning, my home doesn't (ended up at an airconditioned pub :grin: ).
  17. Speaking of pubs and aircondish, rang a mate tonight re NYE. He was in the gaming room of the local. Was in the bar (an "Irish" bar). They didn't have the A/C running. Gaming room was nice and cool, though. Sort of tells you how they want to treat their various customers, doesn't it...

    The sooner that pokies are taxed out of existance, the better, I reckon. And that's saying something for me, as I'm usually never one to advocate the banning of anything, lest they come for me and my hobbies...
  18. my house is airconditioned :)
    my work is airconditioned :)

    and i don't care how hot it is on the bike, i love it too much :D
  19. lounge room is airconditioned at 25 so very comfortable. If I have to go out and I will later the Subaru with the climate control is the way I will be going. :):):)