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How high to rev new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Gday

    Bandit's done 750km and I'm finding that it doesn't really want to go above 6500rpm - which is cool bec in 2nd gear that's 85kph.

    Just wanted to confirm that she takes a while before the motor winds out.

    Read another thread where a fella's new ZZR250 revs out to 18000 and I'm thinking he's wringing its neck or I could be going too soft on mine. I have a feeling I'm letting it settle into a groove as I increase revs as she gets older.

    Appreciate any views. As it is, I'm wondering how all those revs get used given you're doing warp speed at the upper rev limit.

    Or maybe I'm just old.....
  2. well since its only new alot of manufacturers have rules for running the engine in, eg half throttle for the first 800km and 3/4 until 1600km, as far as revving it goes on the fresh engine you dont want to ring its neck 2 much, but then again, it all depends how fast you want to accelerate :grin:
  3. Jimbo my old buddy.. Just ride it normal knackers.. Don't rev it to hard when cold and dont load up the engine and chug it.. Thats all you need to know.. :grin:
  4. Question is it on warranty?

    if the answer was yes

    then rev its titties off!
  5. 2 years / unlimited kms
  6. afta 750km it doesnt matter what u do
  7. correction! before two years it doesnt matter!!
  8. After reading your sig, I'm taking it easy!
  9. After 1000 K's change the oil and filter (mineral oil) and then you should be fine, did it with my 636 and no probs.

    Warranty is all good and that but it'd just piss me off not having the bike for a while.
  10. You're just old :wink: but I'm catchin' up!
  11. The ZZR doesn't rev out to 18000. Maybe you are thinking about a ZXR thats a 4 cylinder 4 stroke 250cc? The bigger the capacity the lower they can rev what is the redline on the banit?
  12. Jeimbo the engine should be able to use the full rev range (depending on gear selection) its just not recommended.
    If you're saying it's feeling like its hitting a wall at 6,500 have a look at the air filter or take it back to the dealer for diagnostics (EFI etc)
  13. I have a 1200 Bandit.
    I wrung its neck from day one.
    It now has 109000km on it, still tight and strong, does not blow smoke or use any oil.
    1200 Bandits thrive on abuse.
    So clutch it up and go for it!
  14. There is a hell of a lot more to engine design than that :wink:
  15. The ZZR 250 does rev out to 18.

    At least the older ones do. the ZX-R goes to 19 with a rev limiter at 20 (found it the hard way)
  16. Are you serious the older ZZR250s actually revved to 18,000rpm? I would like to see that. That parallel twin must be screaming
  17. As usual F-D doesn't know what he's talking about.

    The ZZR250's redline at 14,000 rpm.
  18. What you mean as usual?

    site specifics or cram it.
  19. Rev it until a valve flies out and then back it off a quarter turn... :roll:
  20. As a general rule, ride it like someone else's bike. And imagine they're behind you watching the whole time. Ride it normally, take it up through the revs every now and then, but don't go nuts just yet.