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how high can you rev a cbr250rr on nutral or first gear??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Filo01, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. i'm just wandering if you could rev a cbr250rr to 18000 rpm on nutral or first gear standing still? would this be bad for the engine?

  2. i wouldnt do it, revving like that with no apparent load can have it valve-bouncing, slapping, breaking stuff.
    yeah, i wouldnt.
  3. ty, i just wanted to test how high i could rev my bike

    i guess i'll just have to do it while sitting on second gear riding around :(, could i do it on first gear riding around? or it would be better for the engine to do higher revs on second gear?
  4. where is your red line? it'll have a rev limmeter on it and will cut a couple of cylinders from firing. if you want to find this point. go out on a open clear pice or track (not road as that would be ilegal). nail it in first gear but once on the move put presure against the gear lever as if you are going to change into second. when the rev limeter cuts in the motor will hesitate for a second, as the motor hesitates it will drop in to second automaticley. then relese the prescure and re apply ready for therd.

    please not this is not a good way to treat a bike and will cause exseve wear on the selector drum, gears, gear forks, chain....well almost every thing. but you cant go any quicker in a straight line on a bike, as long as you dont brake traction.

    also look out when or if doing this, the next turn comes up a lot quicker than you think and look at the track not the spedo.
  5. this in knowen as flat changing and dont hold me responsable for damages to your bike or if you stack it.
  6. my rev meter goes all the way to 21,000 rpm, i've never tryed to get it there yet. i guess i could try what you suggested, doing it once or twice wouldn't be to bad for the bike i guess
  7. i used to have a FZR1000 years back whitch was modifyed to be pumping 170BHP at the back wheel. when ever i had a clear pice of tarmac infront of me that we my prefered way of getting off the line.

    it works the same way as when you change gear with out the clutch. but insted of backing off the thrittle the rev limiter dose it for you.

    as for reving it to much. the red line is there for you to know where to stop reving before you do some damage, just do it in gear. if you free rev it the power go's know where and can do some real damage. normaly big ends, not likley but not worth the risk also no point.
  8. your rev limiter will kick in 1000rpm or so after redline. i hit the rev limiter at around 42kmh in first gear on my bike (the 250 version), yours will be around 60 or so. engines dont like the shit being revved out of em with no load, if you are moving though, its fine aslong as you dont sit on redline all day.
  9. The limiter cuts in at an actual 18,500 rpm, the tacho is usually quite a bit out.

    There's no harm in bouncing it off the limiter if the engine is in good shape.
  10. Should never race the engine in neutral. But of course, its hard to resist when you're showing off to cager mates. Don't forget that whilst doing it at all in neutral is a bad idea, doing it without being warmed up is just plain stupid :)
  11. I wounldnt do it with mine standing still. I have hit the rev limiter once or twice entering the freeway in first gear and second (by accident trying to overtake a car). From what I saw the limiter cuts in at about 20k.

    I found revving over 16k the bike wont pull as hard. I would keep the rpm range between 8k and 14k.

    I think reving to 18k stang still would b bad for the engine as I dont think it likes it much. Mine doesnt like to rev above 7k without load.
  12. My CBR250RR appears (as most do) to get optimum power between 8000 - 13000rpm. Once or twice I have taken it past the 13000 but it doesnt give too much extra.

    I gave it a good run out one day and changed to 2nd around 17000 out of first, and it was fine.

    As mentioned, I wouldn't do it in neutral as you have no load for it to work against, infact, I would be surprised if it redlined in neutral. I own a 2004 Corolla Sportivo as well and it comes on cam at 6100rom and redlines at 8700rpm. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear hit the limiter and recieve power all the way there, however the thing just won't rev much past 5500 - 6000 in neutral....mind you the ECU helps this...
  13. so Filo01, how did you get on?
  14. I wonder how many pies i can eat before my bowel explodes :shock: Makes about the same sort of sence :?
  15. Exploding bowels, rods through crankcase...nice analogy there mate! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. i couldn't take it out today, i've come down with a pretty nasty cold, i'm gona have to try this out probably on the weeked :(, i'll post & pm you how i went with it when i feel alittle better(hopefully tommorow)
  17. I completely agree ...I guess I just dont see the point, specially if you going to be the porr bloke that buys this bike next....taking a bit of a risk ...but hey I guess some people needs to have this information... :cool:
  18. Can you send me one too? I cant wait!! Im on the edge of my seat here dude!! :LOL: :roll:
  19. sorry i kind of lost this tread lol, i only just spotted it while doing a search, yah i did try it, but kind of chickened out on 3rd gear lol

    i've just been reading a tread about clutchless gear changing i think i'm gona try it again later tonight when there no more cars on the road lol

  20. Hey my FZR250 does around 80 km/h in first to red line I think. Is there any reason why you want to rev it that high? As people said the majority of the power would be around 13,000-14,000 rpm