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how hard is it!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. With the double demerit points for speeding (and seatbelts) coming in over night, I am finding it VERY hard not to speed.

    I know all the righteous brothers will shoot me down, but I am having a terrible time staying at or under the speed limit.

    I am going on the kangaroo valley ride tomorrow and I am calling the rear position early :LOL: :LOL:

    Is anyone else having the same problems?????

  2. Well I just did Macquarie Pass, Jamberoo Pass and Kiama, Jeff, and if the traffic tomorrow is anything like today's, you won't get a chance to speed :LOL:.
  3. I know exactly how you feel - I had the exact same problem one night on the freeway heading towards the flashing light on the distance. Even though I was certain it was a speed camera going off, I just couldn't stay below 100. It went off as I went by. Luckily, I think it got the 4WD that was next to me :p.

  4. [​IMG]

    know what you mean Jeff... Geez theres going to be a lot of people at the back are we all going to ride side by side..... :LOL: :LOL:

  5. yeah man, slow down or ol' 'hornet' will bust a nut about you going over the speed limit!

    have fun down there. was down there last wk, myself.

    dress in layers. can get cold down there.
  6. Im finding it almost impossible. It seems that whenever i get on my bike i alwas forget the seatbelt :rofl:
  7. Same...what do you ride?

    :LOL: Always crack up when going under the freeway signs "Police Now Targeting Seatbelts" Oh noes! :shock:
  8. Lol Dan.

    I think I've found a trick to keep me from speeding :) I just don't wear my noise canceling earbuds with ipod. The extra engine and exhaust noise somehow makes it feel faster..

    Also, I'll lose my job if I get caught speeding at all, and that means no next bike.
  9. did it sunday arvo (23rd).

    ride: cb900 hornet

    a pic from the past.
  10. Very nice! :grin: Saturday for me, so obviously didn't see you out.
  11. I took a serious yak up Bells Line yesterday arvo to get it out of my system for a few days. Should be easier now to cruise till Tuesday. (As if!)

  12. i'm making a bet with myslef, that if i go the whole ride tomorrow , if i can go the whole run without busting over 15 km over the limit im getting new leathers....
  13. Looks like you're be turning up in your old gear for a while to come then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Love the new user name Jeff !

    Do you have to pronounce it with a bit of a Eric Cartman accent ??

    Jeeeffaa-taaav ! :rofl:

    Like in . . .
    ". . . screw you gays, i'm having a jeeefffa-taaav !"
  15. yup :cool:
  16. Same goes for me, I'll buy new Tiger Angel gear if I can resist!

    Did the Old Pacific Hwy, Putty Loop today. Was I careful.....Yes.
    Only $2.05 on the Putty
  17. ya pharqen HOON!! :rofl: :p
  18. Not hard at all....but then that's me.
  19. What with all the Volvos and old geezers out there, we have to keep our eyes on the lookout for them at all times, let alone try and look at the speedo and see how fast you're going.... :(
  20. Use the force...Luke.