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How hard is it to ride pillion on a sportsbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by joeyyyy, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. .... To ride pillion on a ZX10R ?

    I aint a huge guy (Bout 5"8) and I swear the only way I could sit on it was with my hands on the tanks. After 10 mins they really start to hurt...

    Rode with my cousin on his Harley last week without a problem, mates CBR250 all without a hitch.

    Are all sports bikes like this or just the 10R?

    Feel free to post your pillion woes here as I am

  2. same for me on an '06 R6 i was sitting with my hands on the tank.

    The seat is so high and small.
  3. lol, i had smarteee on the back of the GS for a short bit, he's not a small bloke and the GS didn't like the extra weight at all.

    Super Sports bikes aren't designed for a pillion, it's more of an after thought...
  4. Bikes can take 2 people? :eek: :?
    Why the hell would you want that?! :roll:
  5. IMO pillion seat on sports bikes is more an emergency use item. Which is fine as I hate having a pillion or being one.
  6. Why? Well this should explain it: (taken from here)

  7. Well it would have been better if the rider was doing a wheelie, you'd be sitting upright.
  8. hahahaha

    and if it's a male rider with a male pillion the practice is known as the "crotch crunch" and is highly unrecommended.
  9. mmmmm.....being pillion on an R6. Cruisingal, dont you say anything! :LOL:
  10. Anyone have any feedback on pillioning with a zx636? I ask because when I get mine I want to have some female company, even for some longer trips.
  11. If you're a straight guy, there's no better way to train yourself to be a smooth rider than to take a well-hung male pillion on the back.

    You'll soon learn quick enough to be smooth with your style. :grin:
  12. +1 for an 2000 R6 and 07 GSXR 750. Extremely uncomfortable for smaller people. Like me! :grin:
  13. ththtwitch. smiley_catfight.

    I'm only a shorty at 5'3" and have troubles on the R6 long distance :roll: How tall are you again Speed? :twisted: :wink:
  14. we had the same problems tho, when your dahhlin husband brakes, you have to stop yourself from going forward and sharing his seat by puting your hands on the tank. Have to admit that I did feel like I was on the front of the Titanic, cruising along, nothing obstructing my view! :grin: I dont think any sports bike is really designed to carry a pillion, let alone on long distances.
  15. Or a more devious option , is to be reaching back checking your wallet is still in your back pocket, just before some mild / heavy braking.

    NO dear I did not grab your crotch......... you slid forward onto my hand :twisted: :LOL:

    [ gota try to tweek this one, Nadeen's very alert when I check my wallet of late ] :LOL: :LOL:

  16. Credit where credit is due

  17. I can't believe noone took the opportunity with the title....so I will!!!!

    I've never ridden a pillion on any of my bikes....I find it difficult to balance on the funny angle when your bike is on the sidestand; and there is no way I'd try whilst moving as I am uncoordinated as it is. That's one of the only good things about cages....much easier to ride your passenger :wink: :LOL:
  18. Depends on which sportsbike, strangely enough. Although the passenger size makes a difference, small petite girls seem happy with even bad pillion arrangements.

    My last 2 bikes were both 1995, one a ZXR750 and one an FZR1000.
    I have 2 regular pillions, (1 at a time you silly people :p )

    Both said the ZXR750 was great for pillion, the footpegs in a good
    spot and the seat grippy and angled nicely and at a good height,
    and have each of them has ridden backseat regularly and for a long

    Both hate :evil: the FZR1000 with a passion and will not get on the back of it.
    The footpegs are apparently in the wrong spot and too high, the seat too low and much too slippery, etc. Neither passenger will get on the FZR except in an emergency and except for a 10min maximum.

    Fine by me, bike handles better with only me on board :grin: :LOL:
  19. My girlfriend seems to manage pillioning on sportsbikes without too much hassle. She's spent a few day-long twisty rides on the back of my ZX-9R without too much complaint. As long as the rider is smooth, it shouldn't be that difficult to sit on the back and just hang onto the seat strap.

    Might also be worth noting we don't have a car; she spends more time on the back of the bike than most, and she hasn't fallen off yet. ;) Apparently the Tuono isn't quite as easy, but she's getting used to that one too.
  20. You've never owned a Moke, have you lil. :wink:

    I'd do it again but I reckon it's easier on a bike. :LOL: