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How hard is it to NOT drive if u have been drinking?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mischiefmaka, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. It was just released that the boys mother is pregnant ....
    What a terrible thing for this poor mother to have to witness...

    The TAC ad campaigns get more graphic with every passing year but it seems to have no impact...

    This stupid 25 year old will have to live with this poor childs death on his conscience for the rest of his life....

  2. It beggars belief. I thought the human race was supposed to be smarter than a rock :roll:
  3. And we are supposed to care about his poor conscience why?
    If he is stupid enough to take control of a motor vehicle in that state then I have no sympathy for him.
  4. Of course we arent....
    Im just pointing out the obvious.
    My point is people are never looking at the big picture, they are having a few and driving home thinking nothing will happen to them...
    The law needs to sort this crap out and get serious with drink drivers!

    Lets wait and see what sort of pathetic sentence this 25 year old gets shall we?
  5. Drivers in their late teens/mid 20s think they are invincible. They dont think more than a moment ahead. (believe me, I know, I've raised some and seen how they drive.....and how they write off cars too). I think the age limit for Learners should be raised a few years because they are all nuts when they get behind the wheel.
  6. This guy was 25, how is raising the lerner age going to change anything? Let me guess... lower speed limits too?
  7. They can help to reduce the carnage by only allowing them to drive cars that have 1 cylinder, 3 wheels and a maximum of 0.5HP etc etc.
    Giving these clowns 6 cylinder cars and some of the smaller 4 cylinder cars that can reach stupid speeds for an inexperienced driver is nothing but asking for trouble.
  8. i disagree and dont think that restricting the power is the answer.

    Focus should be put on the consequences of drink driving/dangerous driving. The government seems to think that by lowering speed limits and implementing other regulations will deter drivers.... clearly it is not working.

    I think mischief maka stumbled across the answer, if government focused on advertisement of the consequences of causing a death due to drink driving for example drivers would get the message (think about the driving while texting ad shown in the UK).

    Also i think lowering speed limits has the opposite effect, a 60 zone turns into a 50 zone and people think it is pointless and will then "speed" regardless.

    (i focused on speeding for the example but certainly a similar prompt could be used for drink driving)
  9. Yeah i dont think lowering speed limits would have any impact of drunk drivers, their not at all concerned about what speed they are doing, they dont even know side of the road they are on 1/2 the time....

    It needs to come back to punishment i believe....
    DD drivers ( who are caught b4 they cause an accident )
    1st offence
    Removal of their car ( if it is owned by them) selling said car, donating the proceeds to victim support or other such organisations... Strict community service
    2nd offense imprisonment

    No 2nd chances...They need to know there are NO 2nd CHANCES! that 6 year old didnt get a 2nd chance...
  10. You mean all those TAC ads we have been bombarded with depicting the consequences of drink driving are not enough?
  11. It's a sad incident, no doubt. I don't think we are are able to legislate for stupidity, so calls for tough this & action that are just knee jerk reactions that will slowly erode our rights.

    Throw the book at the driver by all means, ban him from every getting a license again, but asking how it could have been prevented has only one answer: Don't drink & drive.
  12. Obviously not...
    the ads have little long term effect on them, they see it , they ackowledge its horrible and then a week later they forget...

    Many Young humans seem to be very self centered...everything is about them, maybe the ads need to be more geared around how drink driving will effect THEM personally even when they are caught b4 any damage has been done...
    perhaps....having a few beers at the pub - cops pulling them over -their car taken from them- it being sold at auction- them riding a treadly to serve their community service- their friends all out having a good time without them BC they are on wkend detention or something....

    I also think they need to change the drinking age ...I personally feel its really irresponsible to set the same legal age for both drinking and for driving , its asking for trouble.
  13. It is already illegal to drink and drive when you are on a probationary license.
    How will introducing another law (raised drinking age) cause people to start obeying the law if they already disobey another law?

  14. ... actually it's pretty hard when there are few alternatives available. Public transport? You've got to be kidding. Taxi - and pay 10 bucks before it even passed the first block? Budgets are tight for many people, no wonder they end up taking chances. I'm not saying that's right, I'm just saying that's human nature.

    That's why just about the only time I ever go out anymore is locally, when in fact I can simply walk back home. But I have that luxury, living in Newtown. Most people do not.
  15. I disagree with your disagreeing :p

    It's worked for riders? No?

    I'm not saying it's the solution, I'm saying it may help?
  16. its not about what is LEGAL its about what is expected of a young person who has suddenly had all restrictions in life lifted all on the same day!

    These very same people ( in many cases) will have no idea how drink will effect them, they need to learn how to drink and how it effects them and then i believe they will be more capable of realising how it will effect their newly acquired driving skills!
  17. Im sorry but thats a load of crap...You are making excuses for why people drink and then drive? what handing over a 10er is too hard?? is worth risking an innocents life??
    You actually have the audacity to offer the argument of " budgets being tight" as an excuse for people drink driving??? these same poor ill funded people who are spending money on GROG lol come off it.

    Cant get home then dont go out!
  18. Legislation isn't going to stop incidents like this. This falls into the category of "I know I'm buggered if I'm caught, but I'll risk it anyway"

    Just like the person doing 200km/hr in a 80 zone.
  19. My point exactly. I'm not making excuses, just recognising the reality of the situation and of the human nature. And you know, passing more legislations and putting in more restrictions to deal with every possible problem is exactly the number one problem plaguing our society.

    I think instead of working yourself up into lather of moral indignation it would be far more productive to concentrate on providing alternatives. Increasing penalties is good for one thing only: state revenues.
  20. If you think current 17 year olds have not had enough drink to drown an irishman you are mistaken.

    He ****ed up, & you can't legislate for stupidity. Let him bear the brunt of his actions, rather than society at large.