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How hard is it to find a >500 kawaka in Vic!!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Man!!!

    I've been looking at bikes coz i'm about to upgrade and sold my zxr250, but like, how hard is it to find a kawaka here, and in black none the less!

    Heaps of recent/new Fireblades and R6's... none in kawasaki.

    Maybe it's a sign i need to go to a store to get a new one....
  2. Contact Johnny O. He sells kawasakis
  3. I would've done this a longer time ago if I knew! :]
  4. which model were u after?

    I have a black kawa >500, but I'm in 2 minds weither to sell it early next yr or not.
  5. Have you looked at www.ksrc-au.com? Always bikes for sale there and 99% will be Kwakas.
  6. *mod-edit moved to Bike reviews, thoughts and suggestions*
  7. Thanx for the move mod! :]

    Anyhoos, speficially, I want a black 636, 06 model.

    Although I'm being tempted by the limited edition 636 with the silver/gold with red flames... I dunno...... I've always been a "got any blacker" kinda guy...

    Sometimes I think I'm just too picky. :p
  8. nice choice,

    I have an 03 636, the 06 is definately blacker, even the frame is in black. :D
  9. Well.. I got news... I'm considering getting the zx10.
    There's a place that's selling the 07 limited edition (that's the one with the red and silver flame outline) for pretty much close to the same price as the 06 636.

    And its' black.

    Not blacker and has flames.

    But anyways.. I'm not sure if this is too big a jump for me.
    I mean... I know I'll treat the bike with respect, and some things that I consider and need advice/help on is:

    1) I haven't ridden out for a while, and if it goes on like this, it means that the bike will see a lot more city/urban riding (work and back etc etc)... what does this mean in terms of fuel consumption as well as power. I mean.. I guess I'll want a slightly higher power ratio, but like I mean.. if the 636 and zx10 are the same price, and the 10 has the color for me, isn't it logic to go for that one, and learn to adapt to it respectfully? (ie not being a herohead or straight line racer.) I mean.. same price!!!!!

    2) Yes, I know if it's city riding I should get maybe something else, but I love the look of sports bike, and yes I'm very particular when it comes to bikes. I don't really care if you think I'm a poseur. That being said I think if I get one I know I'll ride is out more often. Okay so maybe I care a little.. =P

    I'd really appreciate some POV's here, which aren't of the 'don't be a poser' kind. I want genuine advice that I can consider.

    Thanks everyone who's helped out!
  10. I've never ridden anything decent at all, but I can't see the need for a ZX10 when a ZX636 is going to be cheaper on fuel and very very fast. Like you said, you aren't going to be going, yeah nice bike, but mines one of the fastest production bikes you can get.

    I'm thinking it will be easier to ride a 636. some of the reviews on other fuel injected 600's suggest they are really easy to ride, which sounds like a better idea for moving around traffic and stuff.

    i reckon a 1L is only for people who wanna be able to beat everyone else ( or most everyone else ) and there is nothing wrong with that, but u don't sound like that is in your criteria. heavier, uses more fuel.
  11. I say be patient and wait for the bike you want ,if you settle for some thing less its garenteed a tone of kwakas will turn up for sale for less than the bike you settled for and you will kick yourself. :(

    anyway good luck bike :LOL: hunting
  12. I'd say: "Buy the 636!" the ZX-10 will be just a major over kill, especially considering you'd be doing lots of city riding and that you're just upgrading for the first time!! Not only you'd be only using around 10% of it's potencial, you'd also be using much more fuel (600's can be pretty good at the nozzle if you threat them with respect :wink: )! Not to mention that the costs of running a ZX-10 are a bit higher (not much really). I don't know about insurance though... But then there's the price factor. I mean, if you can get an 07 ZX-10 for the same price of a 06 636 I can't really argue the economics of it anymore now, can I? I guess that when it comes the time to trade her in, the ZX-10 will have a better bet.

    Ps:I made you even more confused, huh?! :LOL: Good luck with whatever you pick! :wink:
  13. As far as the fuel differance thats stuff all,take the zx10 for a test ride if your happy with it buy it :wink: the only thing check the differance in insurance between the 636 and the zx10.
  14. Good points guys.... Time to think it through...
    I mean.. they are the same price and I do prefer the black. :p

    we'll see when I have a look at it this weekend. :]

    Thanks for all your advice, and if you got any more, please keep them coming! :]
  15. I advise you to post some pics of the bike as soon as you buy it! :p
  16. I see you have 3 conditions here for choice of bike.
    Black Kwak Sports. Knowing you the Blacker the better.
    Think about it, ZX10 will be more to insure as well. You'll proabbaly learn to respect it but as if it's not going to be tempting to just open her up on the straights and go weeeeeeee.

    Major problem here is that the ZX10 has Flames and that's not really BLACK black. I say hold out for the ZX6 that comes in at your price range.
  17. Nee,

    Thanks for that, yes got any blacker is my motto, but these flames aren't too extreme, as they're outlines, so I reckon it makes it look more horn.. :p

    we'l see... this weekend will determine what happens. :]
  18. well guys, firstly, looks like the 10 is OUT.
    I've made a mistake on the price, and it's WAY out of my price range.

    Now just deciding between a black 2nd hand 06 636 for about 12K, and a new limited edition 06 636 for $14K new from a dealer.

    I'm inclined to break my 'got any blacker' rule and go the limited edition.
    I mean.. there's so little with regards to price difference, and I guess the new one has warranty etc etc..... I mean.. unless I can get the black one for about $10K which is a sizable difference in price, but you know... it's like.. the last thing I want to do is lowball someone.... I just can't see it in myself to do that.

    Thoughts and opinions, anyone?
    (Gotta get the bike soon, just got the $$$ for the bike I'm gonna sell, which will be gone by next weekend!!)
  19. buy my green 05 zx636r :)
    10k and its yours. give me 200 and ill deliver it to your door.
  20. give me your 10k and i will buy us each a vehicle. we can be scoota punks and beat mario down chapel. yeahhhhH!